Favorite (steamy) love poem.

What’s your favorite steamy (sexy) love poem? I’ve got to go with Rumi’s Like This. It’s hard to imagine that it’s survived over 800 years and, in my opinion, hasn’t been topped yet.

Like this

The problem with a steamy poem is that poetry, in my view, should suggest not show.
That being said my favourite poem in english is “To his coy mistress”.
Neruda has some pretty steamy one but, alas, he wrote in spanish.

Definitely “To His Coy Mistress.”

Perhaps not “steamy”–but highly interesting to me is “Elf Breath” in Michael McClure’s Jaguar Skies. The poem starts Elf Breath""]on this page & concludes on the next.

Perhaps because I read McClure’s essay on how his experimentation with psilocybin led him to explore the Anglo Saxon language. Back in the days when Beat was becoming Hip. (And he’s still working with words, his Black Irish hair turned white.)

D.H. Lawrence’s Love on the Farm. Between the imagery and the last line…I need to open a window.

This one does it for me: Feasting

e.e. cummings - i like my body when it is with your body

Also the last bit of Ulysses is quite poetic and erotic:

And speaking of ee cummings, she being Brand.

There was a young parson named Bings
Whose mind was on Heavenly things
But his loins were afire
For a boy in the choir
With a bottom like jelly on springs!