Favorite television uncle.

I like Uncle Leo.



Who was that Uncle they sang about on South Park? Aw nevermind, I forget.

Uncle Charley from My Three Sons was a good fella. Cantankerous, but that’s part of the uncle job description.

Napoleon Solo.

Uncle Martin, closely followed by Uncle Fester.

The Man From…

Uncle Joey. Cut! It! Out!

Uncle Arthur from Bewitched (played by Paul Lynde) is memorable.

What’s up with all the wacky uncles? So all these straight-laced leading characters just happen to have a wacky brother? Really?

Now that’s over, Fester.

Ilya Kuryakin.

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I like Uncle Leo.

As in Leo G. Carroll, aka Mr. Waverly?

Junior Soprano, also known as Uncle Jun. Uncle-like ridiculousness, but with a side of malice.

NB: In the original TV series, Fester was Morticia’s uncle, not Gomez’s brother. :cool:


A rather obscure one, Bret and Bart’s, Uncle Bent (Bentley) Maverick.

The Simpsons’ Uncle Herb.


As in Jerry Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo.

Good one.

Uncle Bill - Family Affair