Favourite Beatles Movie-A Poll

Vote for your favourite Beatles movie.

Sorry for the typo for Let It Be.

I’d rank them as follows:

Yellow Submarine
A Hard Day’s Night
Magical Mystery Tour
Let it Be.

I know Yellow Submarine wasn’t a real Beatles movie, but I still enjoy it the most. I also like Help! with the Beatles meet James Bond theme.

This is even a question?

Help! über alles.

They’ll have to let us see Let it Be first.


Oh wait, that’s a Monkees movie… still better then all the Beatles movies IMHO!

For me, Help has a slight edge over A Hard Day’s Night. I remember seeing Let It Be at a drive-in as a double feature with Isadora…what a strange and depressing combination that was.

I love, love love Help and Magical Mystery Tour, but I had to vote for A Hard Day’s Night. It’s wonderful for a Beatles fan, but it’s a fantastic movie in its own right, and is rightly considered a classic. The jokes are still funny after repeated viewings (if I’ve seen it less than 200 times, I’d be surprised), the music is still great, and it just looks good. Help is a huge amount of fun, but doesn’t gel the way A Hard Day’s Night does.

Magical Mystery Tour is an experiment gone wrong, but I think they deserve credit for what they were trying to do. Plus, if you watch it like you’d watch any absurd British comedy (like Monty Python even) it takes on a sort of sublimity that people never give it credit for.

I’ve never been a big fan of Yellow Submarine. I don’t know why. Maybe b/c I’ve only watched it sober.

I haven’t watched Let it Be, and I probably never will, though I have access to it. I just can’t stand the thought of watching the band fall apart in all the glorious detail. It seems like a pointless exercise in masochism, and so that’s a part of my Beatles fandom that will always remain incomplete.

Aw, it’s not that bad. It is uncomfortable to see the fabs squabble and snap at each other, but there are still a number of sweet and happy and funny moments, like Paul and Ringo sitting down to their boogie piano duet, John and Yoko waltzing in the studio while the others play “I Me Mine” (even if this is indicative of the schism of the group), George helping Ringo write “Octopus’ Garden,” and of course the rocking rooftop finale.

I still remembering sitting in the theater screaming with all the other girls at the Glencoe Theater. Hard Day’s Night.

A Hard Day’s Night is a great movie, not just a great Beatles movie or a great music movie. I’d show it to anybody.

Now this seems wrong.

Yellow Submarine. HDN, and Help! just seemed to hastily “put together” and YS was made at a time when they guys were still a “band” instead of 4 pissed off individuals.


I actively dislike it…those fake voices!

AHDN is my fave followed by Help!

I know. I like the album, I like the song, I even like the artwork. But I never made it through the movie.

I was, and am, a huge Beatles fan.
However (and this might be blasphemy), I never liked any of their movies.
I thought they were all too gimmicky.
I suppose from the short list of films they did, Hard Days Night would probably be the best, but that isn’t saying much.

Fixed it. Please go ahead and report your post if you make a typo and want it corrected.

Intrigued by this thread, I watched Magical Mystery Tour last night, after reading up a little on it’s history. It is very much a product of it’s time, and really hasn’t aged well (apparently it wasn’t much appreciated in it’s time either).

I was suprised that Ringo was more or less the star of the show, mostly arguing with his Aunt Jessie and doing the Narration (he was the Narrator, right?). In comparison, outside of the songs (which unsurprisingly seem to be the key features of the movie), does Paul have more than 5 lines? (As the Army Officer, as the Magician (“10 Miles North on the Dumbledon road” twice, or something), and as the tourist who gets out of his seat so the Starlett can be photographed by the short gent. I’m probably missing some, but not many. And John and George - did they have any dialog at all besides when they play w/ the little girl, and at the strip club (and John as a magician kept repeating “it took a while to find sugar”).

Well, anyway, at least I know where the band “Death Cab for Cutie” got their name, and the bus was pretty cool with 4-wheel steering and all (true, it was a common British tour bus of that era, but still) - oh, and possibly the first recorded instance of a Beatles Song as Muzak (the circus organ rendition of ‘She Loves You’ during the start of the Marathon).