Favourite Major Golf Championship

Which one of the four major championships do you most enjoy?

The Masters is the first of the year and signals the start of summer. I like that. But they think they are so far above everybody else that it is annoying.

In the US Open, I almost root for the golf course. It wins a good fraction of the tournaments, i.e., no one breaks par. I wish more golf tournaments were like that.

The Masters is in one of the best weeks for sports all year. Opening Day of baseball, the Final Four, and the Masters are all in one week. The start of summer.

And the Masters is always at the same course, so we get to know the holes better, anticipate pin placements.

The Masters. I love that time of year and I can get to know the course. I usually follow the PGA tour from the California/West Coast tour dates up until the Masters. After the Masters, I"m usually spending more time following baseball, so then the US Open sneaks up on me.

The time difference makes the British Open hard to follow. I can never remember when the PGA Championship is. It used to be the weekend before I went back to college, now it seems to fall whenever I"m on vacation!

gotta be the u.s. open. although the odds are between slim and none, everyone actually has a shot at this one. pay your entry fee to qualifying and be good enough and you win. plus the fact that it ends on father’s day makes it kind of special (i am just an old softy).

you have to be invited to the masters. and the pga, for the most part, is not open to amateurs.

if i lived on the other side of the pond i would say the open championship.

and i don’t want to hijack this thread but does the open championship function the same was as the u.s. open (i.e. qualifying is open to anyone)?


and actually this is one of the reasons i like the open so much. i’m in san antonio so typically the leaders are going off right after sunday brunch and are done before it is pool party time.

From the Open Championship’s Wiki page, there is what’s called “local qualifying,” which is open to anyone from all over the world. It’s six 18-hole rounds around Britain and Ireland about a week and a half before the Open; if you make the cut there, you move on to “Local Final Qualifying,” four 36-hole tournaments a few days after Local Qualifying. There are only 12 spots to be had through Local Qualifying, though there used to be far more.

US Open. The amateurs have a shot, and I love it when one gets high on the leader board.

I put down the Masters, although it was close with the British Open.

I dislike the US Open the most, mainly it boils down to my intense dislike of the USGA.
In their quest to preserve “par” their golf course setup frequently get over the top. The 14th green at Pebble Beach this year was nearly impossible to play if the player missed their target by a few feet. They had no chance to recover if they were long , left, or right, and short was no bargain either. The 7th hole at Shinnecock in 2005 was ridiculous back in 2004. Nearly every year, there is some controversy.

IMO, the USGA has an agenda and that agenda is not always in the best interest of golf. They have stupid an ignorant rules. Earlier this month, a young amateur player got penalized two shots at the US Womens Open because her caddy got a lift to a port-o-potty in a golf cart.

FTR, each of the major fields are diluted.

Masters invites only about 100 players, far from the full fields of 156 at the USOpen, PGA and R/A. It also includes the past champs that have little chance of winning.

About half of the US Open field is qualifiers some of which are amateurs, club pros, mini-tour players, and journeyman PGA Tour Players. Justin Rose and Rickie Fowler were not part of the US open field and they were top 40 players in the golf rankings at the time.

The British Open field is probably the least diluted of the majors, but it does have journeyman players worldwide from developmental tours.

The PGA Championship field includes 25 Club Pros.

US Open. While the Masters certainly has the cache and timing, it’s also run by a bunch of arrogant pricks who need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th, let alone the 21st century. It’s also got no variety, it’s the same damn course over and over.

The Masters is the best. However I also enjoy both the US and British Open. I don’t watch the last major.

I like the Masters - the sunshine and exquisite tailoring of the course is so different to golf courses I see in the UK, makes it look like a different game.

The antithesis of the Masters would be something like the Open in Carnoustie in the pishing rain. The likes of Phil Mickelson thinking how do I make sure I miss the cut so I can GTFO, without making it look too bad?

and this is why i almost picked the open championship except that it is so far away.

the last time i was at st. andrews we played in the afternoon. mid 70s and sunshine. hardly a touch of breeze.

caddies kept us up until around 3 a.m. drinking vodka and coke.

next morning it’s about 40 and the wind is blowing like a gale and the rain felt like it was coming either sideways or upwards.

first day it was 3 wood wedge to 1. second day it was a driver and a 4 iron to lay up short of the burn on the same hole.

good times, i tell ya.

This was my answer, and I had the same reasoning for it. I love seeing some young no-name sitting on top of the leaderboard, even if it’s brief.

The U.S. Open isn’t quite open to everyone - you have to have a handicap of 1.4 or less to get into qualifying.

I’d say the Masters, too - it’s still ususually cold in early April and seeing the green grass and blooming flowers really gets me going. The U.S. Open’s insistence on keeping scores high has led to too much trickery, taking the drama out of the final day and producing unimpressive winners of late. The 17th hole at this year’s tourney at Pebble Beach was an example - the tournament is at it’s most dramatic point, but the green was impossible to land a ball onto, so it became a game of who gets the best lie in the rough. Only eight golfers out of a field of about 80 hit the green on Sunday, and most of those were on bad shots that landed in the rough but got good bounces. Not a single player in the final four groups hit the green.

I love the Open, although I don’t like it when your tee time can determine if you can even contend or not, like this year. Friday morning was calm and sunny and scores were low - Friday afternoon it was howling to the point that stationary balls on the green were getting blown off and they had to suspend play. Scores averaged 5 shots higher in the afternoon compared to the morning.

I’d rank them:

Open Championship
U.S. Open

Masters, mainly because of the drama factor-someone invariably charges up the leaderboard on Sunday, and about once a decade at least something really special happens. Contrast that with the US Open this year, where everybody slid down the leaderboard on Sunday, with one guy left as the sole survivor.

so therefore it is open to anyone. you might have to try and put a little effort into it but it is still available to anyone. they don’t care about sex, creed or nada. just tee it up and see if you are good enough. i think the open functions this same way, btw.

the masters and pga mean you must be a member of a “club” that gets invited.

can you say ouimet?

what Peeker said is true, but you can also declare yourself as a professional and you can try to qualify. (no matter what your handicap is)

Another thing that I don’t like about the US Open. About the half the time, it is played on private courses that most of will never have the chance to play. That doesn’t make it “open” to me.