Favourite warship name?

I think HMS Scourge of Malice (1595) has got to be my favourite name for a warship. HMS Dreadnought and HMS Warspite are tied for a close second (also from the 1500s). The Tudors had some great names for warships (the latter two also used for many other ships down through the years).

What’s your favourite?

USS Ronald Reagan.

…the HMS Thunderchild. :smiley:

USS Cyclone and USS Thunderbolt…

Nothing like truth-in-advertising. :wink:
Though, I have to say, the USS Richard B. Russell was also a pretty good name - “The Big Dick” was a pretty accurate, though strictly unauthorized, nick-name.

Graf Spee - named after a count

HMS Warspite for me, too, but HMS Indomitable is a close second.

All the ships in the Irish Navy flotilla are named for women so we’ve got the LE (Long Eireannach, Irish ship) Eithne, Emer, Aisling, Aoife etc. They are lovely names but not very menacing alas.

Another vote for Warspite. Runner-up: the Golden Hind.

HMS Indefatigable.

Next would be the HMS Bellerophon just for her nickname, Billy Ruffian

HMS Revenge

USS North Carolina

Yes, I’m a Tar Heel. Why do you ask?

The Jimmy Carter (SSN-23)

USS Wahoo

Exactly the one I came in to mention. Since it’s mentioned I’ll mention the oddity of “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, Blackbeard’s flagship, which began as a British ship with one of the worst names for any warship: Concord (from Concordia, the goddess of peace). It would be like naming a ship the HMS Butterfly or SS Pug Puppies.

The nuclear attack submarine USS City of Corpus Christi. The Navy had to add “City of” because of protests that a warship should not be named “Body of Christ”.

Since somebody has to say it: HMS Surprize.

HMS Dreadnought

HMS Lion. HMS Formidable. And of course, the Ark Royal

These are fictional spaceships, but I think there are some real gems here:



You Would If You Really Loved Me

Hand Me The Gun And Ask Me Again

We Haven’t Met But You’re A Great Fan Of Mine

You May Not Be The Coolest Person Here

HMS Iron Duke

Score: Royal Navy 1, Martians 0.