Favourite Weis and Hickman novel

I would have to say that I really enjoy all of their work, but my favourite single book is “Dragons of Summer Flame.”
Of course, I haven’t read all of their books, and I have stuck mostly within the DragonLance series.
And though it’s not mentioned in the title, what’s your favourite character? I gotta go with the irrepressible kender, Tasslehoff. I can’t believe they find a way to work him into almost every novel, but I’m glad they do.

You’re kidding, right? Tell me this is one of those ironic threads. Dragons of Summer Flame? That book was so unutterably awful I cannot even express it. Let us, for a moment, put aside my fanboy rage at the meaningless slaughter of so many primary characters in that book. Let us forget that it was a slapdash attempt to cash in on what had become a popular series, devoid of anything resembling a cogent story. Let us focus instead on a few demi-humans hopping on a damned dragon to defeat the material embodiment of Chaos in the universe. Years of reading mainstream comic books have enabled me to develop my capacity for suspension of disbelief to Herculean levels. That shit, though, was just ridiculous.

Anyway, I liked the Legends series.

I gave up on these two when they killed Sturm in the original series. The only character I liked, and they kill him. Argh.

Anyway, I don’t like anything they’ve written.