FBI released memo about Roswell crash

FBI Agent Guy Hottel:


What raises my interest is that they backtracked on their original story. Liars backtrack. Of course, whatever they’re lying about could be of perfectly terrestrial origin. I’ve always been inclined to believe that no Earth government would be able to cover up concrete proof of a civilization that is capable of interstellar travel-- but even taking that into consideration, this case is now more interesting to me than it has ever been.

The memo (I couldn’t get it to load, but my friend did, so I think the problem is on my end): http://vault.fbi.gov/hottel_guy/Guy%20Hottel%20Part%201%20of%201/view


The memo isn’t first hand in any way. A lot of things get confused over distance and time, the memo was dated in 1950, but the event happened in 1947? I’ve always heard that everything involving silver discs around Roswell was related to Project Mogul. What probably happened is someone saw a crashed vehicle from Project Mogul with crash dummies inside (maybe small, human-shaped crash dummies.) The officer who observed it wasn’t necessarily supposed to, but as often happens with secret projects in the military, not everyone is going to be privy to it. It’s entirely possible someone who was part of RAAF saw a crashed test vehicle from Project Mogul who wasn’t supposed to see it, saw some dummies and made conclusions. The people running Project Mogul weren’t about to clear things up, that would have violated the law and served no purpose.

If it had been bigger news at the time, it probably would have come out to allay public concerns. Since Roswell wasn’t really big news until some 25+ years after the fact (in the 70s), by that time it was easy to just dismiss the whole thing as a hoax. Since it was but a blip in the news and quickly explained as a weather balloon, and because in 1947 no one dug deeper and the public mostly never even knew it happened, things became mysterious. If, for some reason the crash had been a huge deal in 1947, I think there would be far less mystery today. If it had become a sensation eventually someone higher up (maybe even Truman) would have said “fuck, just tell them it was an experimental military vehicle and end this.”

The thread isn’t first hand either.Same thing from two days ago.. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s hilarious that the Salt Lake Tribune article seems to find the saucer-alien revelation on a par with the FBI investigation of W. Cleon Skousen, reported tea party icon.

The story that a flying saucer crashed was a big story when it happened. It was released over the wire services and appeared in newspapers all over the country,.

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The “Ramey” memo?

Meh…same ole same ole. For one thing, as has been pointed out, it was 3 years after the ‘event’. For another thing, reading the memo (even assuming it’s legit), it’s a 2nd or 3rd hand account (the writer is talking about a Mr. <blacked out>'s informant. Since we can’t tell the validity of Mr. blacked out or his informant, it’s all BS as far as I’m concerned.

It sounds to me as if this is a memo that’s discussing the conflation of the Project Mogul crash and subsequent events concerning test dummies (who WERE dressed in flight suits) that were dropped in high altitude testing that also happened in the area during that time frame.

I’m not seeing any sort of smoking gun here, to be honest.

But we know there was a cover up. It was a cover up of a highly top secret program called Project Mogul, and they lied to protect that.


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For the lazy ones, I’ll just copy my posts from the other thread – the short of it, it’s got nothing to do with Roswell, but rather stems from an eighth hand report of a scam related to a magical oil finding device allegedly cribbed from flying saucer remains. Here’s what I dug up:

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