FDR column: Is Slug just phoning it in now?

If it wasn’t for the signature, I would swear Little Ed tried to slip in one of his kid’s scrawlings as the cartoon for the column on FDR’s disability:

No wit, no sex, just some microphones, a leg brace and a wheelchair. Huh?

And why he used a caricature of Warren Buffet, I’ll never know.

He has been illustrating the columns for over 40 years…

This looks a little out of place. Reported.

I thought it was Harry Truman.

I see the wit, I think. He’s got robotic legs making him look like a short guy instead of a guy in a wheelchair. Hence hiding his disability status.

But it does look weird. I’ve never seen him draw a normal looking face.

It looks to me like a cropped version of a larger cartoon. The artist’s signature is huge (and incomplete), and the lines look thicker and less sharp than usual.

40 years of awesome. So what’s up with this stinker?

Say what?

What do you mean, now?

It’s different, to be sure, but I like it. He’s doing normal portrait art, and that’s an interesting variation from his usual extreme caricature style. How many of us could draw this well?

I think those are supposed to be his braces, not robotic legs.

Why would he depict Truman with leg braces and a wheel chair?

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As I said there, FWIW, I thought at first that Slug had drawn Steve Jobs.

From the other thread:

It looks like his drawing isn’t sized correctly to fit on the column page. There it should be scaled equally in width and height, but for some reason it’s just been squashed, then truncated on the right.

If you “view image” on the graphic on the column page, you get this.

“FDR column: Is Slug just phoning it in now?”

What would make this more in his style? Eleanor getting it on with a woman in the background?

I thought that was Chevy Chase, myself.

Well, yes, but the penmanship also seems to be different, as though it were drawn with a different implement than whatever his usual is.

Slug’s back