FDR vs. Obama

Inspired by the matchup threads. If Franklin D Roosevelt was running against Barack H Obama II, who would you vote for?

In a Democratic primary?

In a general election (presumably) like the other threads.

Darn, I was hoping the hypo was a cage match.


Now or the 1930s?

Does FDR get the wheelchair he was using for this historical photo. Cause that might influence the outcome slightly.

FDR, I’m afraid.

If FDR outfits his wheelchair like on nightmare on elm street 3 then you have a match.

I don’t know why anyone would pick Obama over FDR. Obama is the first black president and all, but he has no qualifications over FDR that I can see. Then again FDR had a better congress to work with. But evenso, FDR seems like he would get more done and take more risks.

Wesley-I absolutely agree FDR was more willing to spend political capitol. Does anyone feel we’ve evolved as a nation to elect a disabled POTUS?

Although they are both great men worthy of national holidays, I chose FDR. He was more willing to kick some GOP ass.

FDR if we have the 22nd Amendment in place. I’m sure he was 3+ terms good, but it should be a hard rule

I’m sure if all Obama had to contend with was the shell of a party that was the 1930’s GOP, he could get a heck of a lot more done. He might have had some problems with the southern wing of the Democratic Party, though.