Feature Request - Stars and Flags

Assuming TSD will “stick around”…

Would it be difficult to enable these 2 features, or just 1?

Flags: They are like “ratings” for a topic. Positive or negative. Positive flags could be green and negatives can be red. Or just have a number big enough to stand out. If there are more negative than positive then I know the post is of little importance or interest or humor.

Stars They are ratings for “posts”. Same system like above, but specifically used on posts within a topic.

Or something similar to these features.

We have routinely in the past not enabled any feature that added load on the server, unless there was some important addition to the functionality of the Board. As a rule, we let posts and threads speak for themselves; their “rating” is the traffic they receive and the posts they collect. Drive-by ratings wouldn’t seem to me to add too much of value; if you don’t like a thread, don’t post in it.

We’re adults here(mostly). I think we can judge the merits of a thread or post for ourselves without flags or lights. This is part of what sets this board apart from the rest.

Please don’t. It can cause bad feelings for no good reason. Crap like that is the last thing we need.

We are confused as to whom you might refer by “we”. Care to elaborate?

Plus, the whole morass of who would determine what was worth reading makes my head spin. There are plenty of threads that are very popular that I have no interest in reading (most, but not all, of which have “TMI” in the thread title) – and others that only a small group are interested in, but that are of great benefit to that group. Every person who reads the boards has his or her own opinion about which threads are “worth reading.” Do we set up some byzantine system of subgroups, each of which has its own colors of flags and stars?

I agree that enabling these features would be a mistake. I can decide for myself if a thread or post has merit.

On other forums, this kind of feature is necessary since there are so many spam and nonsense posts, as well as many that are just plain stupid.

Thankfully, we don’t require such a feature here.

“We” the Board. As part of the community, I’m entitled to use it as such, even if I’m not actually one of the powers that be.

As you know.

No we didn’t.

We can see how runner pat uses “we” in a way that clearly means “we, the members of this community” but “we have not enabled features” doesn’t sound like something over which we have any power. Where is this checkbox we can use to enable or disable features on the board as members?

I think we’ve had enough of this hijack, Sapo. DSYoungEsq has explained what he meant, so if you want to continue this conversation, do so in another thread.