Febreze- a little help here

how does that amazing product Febreze actually work? It says on the back that the scent-remover is derived from corn, but my shoes most certainly do not wind up smelling like popcorn.

My only guess is a relatively weak alkaline solution. This being conjected because of how baking soda’s odor-eating properties have been explained to me.

But if it’s that simple, why did it take so long to come up with?


p.s.- how about that wrinkle-removin’ shit?

My guess would be the alkaline solution combined with a sinus-disolving scent. That, at least, was my experience when we used it to try to remove the scent of baby spit-up from our carpet. After cleaning with soap and water and spritzing with Febreze, it smelled like somewhat muted sour milk and Febreze.

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In my experience Febreze doesn’t eliminate oders as it states. I used it in a newly purchased used car. What I got was the strong choking scent of Febreze and the cars previous oders. I would have done much better using a car pine tree. After about three weeks the Febreze stench was gone and only the cars former smells were present.

I was pretty disappointed with Febreeze as well, until I discovered the Extra Strength kind. We have two preschoolers, a guinea pig, and a miniature dauchshund who will pee on your shoes if he thinks you’re leaving the house. It doesn’t work forever (we go through about 2 bottles a month) but it does work. I don’t think the scent is bad either, much better than the original kind.


I tried it on my old car when a friend of mine tossed their cookies on it. Suffice it to say, my car reaked of alcohol, pizza, Fabreze and miscellaneous for a good couple of months. The car had to be detailed twice to remove most of the smell.

I would also have to agree that Febreeze doesn’t eliminate a smell just masks it contrary to whatever he commercial says. I’m not sure but it smelled to me as though rose water was one of the main components in it.

I think the stuff works by coating the surface and trapping the odiferous material. My wife sprayed some Febreze on the blinds in my office. Just below the blinds I had a bunch of hardware (shortwave radio, VCR, etc). The next day, I picked up one of the pieces of equipment, and it was covered with a gross, sticky film. I assume that this is Febreze. You wouldn’t notice it on clothing or upholstery, but spray it onto something smooth and see if you like the result.

I like and use Febreeze or any other imitator products (Resolve spray, Bounce, etc.). I haven’t used it on really bad stuff, like puke, but mostly use it as a fabric freshener… kind of a “Plug-In” for the couch.

As for the wrinkle-removing shit… Yes, that’s shit as far as I’m concerned.