Fed Ex Legend

Okay–so I searched Snopes.com and this site, but did not find (I searched like my ass–I admit that) anything about whether or not the legend is true that the Fed Ex corporation was founded after a term paper “business plan” on the idea of shipping packages overnight to any U.S. destination was given an “F” by a college professor.

Was that what really happened?

Absolutely not true…

He got a ‘C’. (At Yale)

Thanks Tretiac!

I guess the story got a bit skewed by the time I heard it.

The FedEx version of the story:

Then there is the FEDEX legend that goes something like this. Early days of the company is’nt going too well. CEO Fred Smith is waiting in an airport for a flight home after being turned down yet again for a loan to keep the fledgling biz afloat when he sees a sign for Vegas. Figuring he has nothing to loose he flies there and bets the payroll. Of course he wins big and we all live happily ever after. Can anyone verify this one?