Federal crime committed, sentenced to 60 days

I know in the US, the breakdown is any sentence under a year is Jail and anything over is Prision. But the Federal system does not have jails, so do the same people doing under a year for a Federal crime go to a different place than people who are sentenced to over a year or is sentence length a factor at all?

The Bureau of Prisons has a class of facilities called “Administrative Facilities”, these are where pretrial defendants are housed, and they also house “special circumstances” persons as well, which can have any number of meanings.

These facilities are generally labelled:

  • Federal Detention Center
  • Federal Medical Center
  • Metropolitan Correctional Center
  • Metropolitan Detention Center

There’s also a few outliers like the Federal Transfer Center which is temporary housing for inmates in the process of being transferred around. The different types of administrative facilities have different names because they have slightly different but sometimes overlapping missions.

“Real” prison in the Federal system are the Penitentiaries. The “USPs” or U.S. Penitentiaries are where basically your medium and high security, and include the “Supermax” prison. Generally people with long sentences and specifically violent inmates with security concerns go into USPs.

Federal Correctional Institutions are the medium and low security “prisons.” There are also Federal Prison Camps–that are basically the lowest security / restriction, usually for non-violent defendants with relatively short symptoms. “Club Fed” jokes stem from the existence of these camps. But the FCI and especially the USPs have a reputation for being pretty brutal prisons.

To be more specific, im referring to the woman who insisted on social media that she was a white woman with a good job so she wouldnt be going to jail for infiltrating the Capitol, and was sentenced to 60 days. I was just wondering if she would be going to a Camp Fed type situation for this short stint or if they will dump her somewhere scarey to teach her a lesson?

For 60 days you might end up in a camp but you might not even leave whatever pretrial facility you were held at, that’s such a short stay that it’s possible she would just serve it in a pretrial facility. It isn’t unheard of to get transferred to a camp for a short sentence though. Martha Stewart was transferred to a camp for her 5 month stint.

There are a dozen or so federal detention facilities that hold pretrial detainees and those sentenced to shorter sentences. Most federal pre-trail detainees and those serving shorter sentences are held at state or local facilities (e.g., the country jail) on a contract basis by the USMS or BOP with the locality. I think the idea is that BOP (like state corrections departments) doesn’t want to go to the trouble of moving and in-processing short timers.

I suppose it would be up to BOP. I understand that they are using the DC Department of Corrections for pre-trial detention in these cases. So that would be an option. Alternatively, BOP had a policy where they would try to incarcerate people within a day’s drive of their home of record (I think under the theory that contact with family was good). I think the woman you’re referencing was from Texas, so FDC Houston might make sense. If she was not remanded after sentencing, I’d imagine they would let her surrender there.

Edit: I pulled up the Judgment order (which is public) and she is supposed to serve her time at “a BOP facility near the Defendant’s home in Texas” and surrender at the institution when told to by BOP at some point after the new year.

In my semi rural Missouri county, the Sheriff runs the county jail. Each week when he reports the population status, there is usually a listing for “Federal inmates”. I’d assumed that it’s either short term sentences or due to overcrowding at another facility.

I’ll ask the next time I’m in town.