Federal table-of-organization?

Is there any place (preferably on-line) where I can find a table-of-organization of the U.S. federal government? Something with boxes and connecting lines, showing the relationships between all the departments, bureaus, agencies, commissions, offices, etc.?

You could start your search at http://www.firstgov.gov, which is a general web portal into the Federal government. I don’t think you’re going to find what you’re looking for, however. I’ve never seen such a beast. For openers, using a 10-point font, the chart would probably cover the wall of an average house.

Perhaps, but an online version could solve that problem with nested hyperlinks.

What I mean is, the first page doesn’t have to show that the Coast Guard is part of the Department of Homeland Security – there would be box for the DHS and if you click it the CG would be one of the sub-organizations listed – and then if you click the CG box it would display the CG’s internal organizational structure. Obvious idea, but I can’t find anything like that on the FirstGov.gov website.

Nobody knows?

From my library school days, I remember that there is a standard resource in government document repositories (and many general reference collections) that provides exactly this information (plus history; mandating laws, etc.).

But I don’t remember what it was and I won’t have time to find it until later. Just wanted to post and see if it put anybody on the trail.

On the other hand, is this what you’re looking for?

It has the Department of Homeland Security, so it has been updated in the last couple years.


The United States Government Manual has org charts for some of the Federal agencies.

You have to check on a department by department basis.