Federalize Airport Checkpoints?

Does anyone disagree that the airport security checkpoints should be federalized? Get rid of the $6/hour, 100% per year turnover checkers, and replace them with federal law enforcement officers. That’s something I’d be happy to see my tax dollars (or a portion of my ticket price) go for.

There was a security expert on NPR talking about this the other day. Although he stopped short of saying we should create a new branch of police to do airport security, he did say that it is currently handled by “amateurs”.

The problem, he said, is that the airlines are responsible for security. That constitutes a serious conflict of interest. The airlines are in the business of getting planes on and off the ground as quickly as possible - not slowing things up by tightening security.

It seems to me that a special branch of the police or even military for airport security would be a good idea. We have the U.S. Marshall’s service, the DEA, ATF, and various other specialty services for various purposes. Why not for airport security, if the situation is apparently this dire?