FedEx Logotypes

When, and why, did these guys change, or vary, their logo colors? In recent months, I’ve seen FedEx trucks with at least three different color combinations in the FedEx name. They are:
[li] The old Purple/Orange[/li][li] A frightening new Green/Cyan and[/li][li] A rather soothing Dark Blue/Cyan[/li][/list=1]

Here’s all their stupid registered trademarks, but there ain’t squat on the logo colors. Nor does a site search for “logo colors” turn up anything.

They are for different types of service. I forget which is which, but they should say on the trucks in small letters under the logo. One is standard shipping, one is air mail, and the other is express.

I believe the original is standard, the g/c is air, and the b/c is express.


According to this page, those appear to be:
[li] FedEx Express (go figure)[/li][li] FedEx Ground (I think)[/li][li] FedEx Custom Critical[/li][/ul]
The page you found was close, but you must have overlooked this one. :slight_smile:

BTW, how’d that garbage disposal problem work out?

I’ve seen the Green/Cyan on a truck and IIRC it said “Ground Service”. They be differentiating service types with different color schemes.

This site features their logos and such for use in promotional materials, but you must register to get past the first two pages.

This site seems to indicate that the Green/Cyan is FedEx Home Delivery.

Well, shit, color me stupid. I feel like a real boob.


Isn’t FedEx Ground the former RPS?


That’s also why the different color schemes: FedEx Express (seriously, this is what they call it :rolleyes: ) is the original air freight system. FedEx Ground is the former RPS. Since they haven’t combined any of thier warehousing or delivery operations yet, what happens is that, in theory, you could be visited by two different “FedEx” guys, so they have to distinguish them.

Of course, the FedEx ground guy at my former job used to just announce himself as “RPS”, because it was much less ambiguous that way :slight_smile: