FedEx question "On FedEx vehicle for delivery"

I see that the tracking gives the status" On FedEx vehicle for delivery" at 7:49 AM. But it still says delivery by 7pm today.

Does being on the vehicle mean it will be delivered sooner rather then later today?

Or another way of putting it, does the truck get loaded more then 1x/day, and because it’s loaded so early I can expect the package earlier today rather then later? Or is the truck just loaded once in the morning, and the guy delivers till 7pm, meaning the package could show up at any time till then?


Last week I was tracking a package that was loaded onto the truck for delivery before 3AM. I got it at 7:45 PM

You shouldn’t read anything into it expecting it sooner. When it arrives will have more to do with where you happen to be on his daily delivery routes. If it’s a residential address it’ll probably arrive fairly late in the day.

I would interpret that as the item is on a truck and they expect to deliver by 7 pm. There is no real benefit for them to calculate where your house falls on the route the driver will take that day. They don’t know when the driver will stop for lunch or bathroom breaks. They really don’t even know if you will get it delivered. I’ve had packages on a truck for three consecutive days before I actually got it. In those cases it was in the week after a big snow storm and at least once I saw a FedEx truck spinning its wheels less than 100 yards from my house (in a townhouse community). I didn’t get my package that day.

I think of it as them giving as much info as possible while minimizing reasons for people to call and complain - “Your website said 11:00 and I didn’t get it until 11:35”, etc. “Life” happens to FedEx drivers too.

Things vary depending on where you’re located. In my small town, for example, FedEx and UPS often send a truck to town with a trailer full of stuff. They park the trailer, deliver what’s on the truck, and then fetch the stuff in the trailer and deliver that.

“On truck for delivery” means “left the FedEx building.”

I talk to the delivery guy fairly often. Around here, upstate NY, they load once per day at the local distribution center. He comes to my building twice a day, once for morning deliveries and once later for afternoon deliveries and pick ups.

I have asked if he could give me something I had tracked to his truck for afternoon delivery when he was here the first time. He said he might get in trouble if he missed any other morning deliveries and the software showed he’d dropped an afternoon delivery already.

So the drivers have to follow the schedule provided to them by corporate and deliver the packages people paid more for early delivery first.

Doesn’t mean much of anything. It’s a crapshoot whether FedEx will deliver it or not. If the driver is running behind, he’s likely to mark the package as No One Home and not come close to your house.

I was working at home about two weeks agon and waiting for a FedEx delivery that needed to be signed for. In addition, we had contractors working in the house. At the time the FedEx driver said he attempted delivery, I was standing in the front yard talking with one of the contractors. No FedEx truck in sight, period. And that’s not the first time that has happened to me.

The local manager would probably love to know about that.

I work for Purolator Courier in Canada. “On FedEX vehicle for delivery” at 7:49 just means that at 7:49AM, your package was scanned in the depot by the truck loaders as they loaded it into the delivery truck(couriers usually come in in the morning to their truck already loaded.) What time it actually gets delivered is open to variables, such as where you are in the drivers delivery area, priorities such as contract customers, businesses with early close times, road construction, etc etc etc.

FWIW he delivered it at about 11am

Had you gone out and helped push his truck out of the snow, you probably would have got yor package right then!

That happened to me a few times…when I called I asked not only for the records for my delivery but for the delivery directly before and directly after. They wouldn’t show me those but I voiced my suspiscion that they were totally out of sequence and nowhere near my home at the time they claimed delivery.

I must’ve been onto something though, because the supervisor delivered my package in his personal vehicle on his way home from work that day.

Timely xkcd

This was my thinking exactly. :slight_smile:

Go to and enter your tracking number. It will tell you where it is, and you can zoom in to see EXACTLY where it is, and it will give you an estimate on when it will be there. (ESTIMATE)

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