Fedora Core 3 & Windows XP - Laptop Install Issue

I was running Windows XP Pro on my Acer Laptop, I decided I wanted to try out Fedora Core 3,

I would not like to use Fedora Core so I tried to format by inserting the XP disc and doing the proper steps to format and reinstall windows.

When it boots up and says “Press any key to boot from CD” i press the key and then at the top it says “Setup is configuring you hardware” (or something along those lines) and then the screen just turns black and does nothing, (when normally the formatting menus come up)

What happened? is it not working because of the fedora core os? does the xp cd need an xp backing to run?

What should i do to get XP back? Another way to format?

Thank You very much

You would probably be best by reformatting the computer and erasing the old partitions. Then the XP install program can (presumably) format the drive however it wants from a blank slate.

If you do this, you will not be able to recover any data still on the disk. It’s possible someone might be able to, but the procedure is frighteningly expensive.

thanks, im not concerned about saving any data, just to revert

sorry if this is a dumb question but how do i format it if the xp disc cant? do i load the os and type format in the console or something? (and then insert the xp disc?)

The Fedora install CD (the first one, if there’s more than one) should have Disk Druid on it. (It might have fdisk also, but Disk Druid is graphical and easier to use.) Boot that CD, get to the part where you partition the hard drive (you might need to say you want to create custom partitions), and use Disk Druid to erase everything. Write the new partition table, cancel the install, and reboot the machine with the XP install CD in place.

(Be sure you explicitly write the partition table to the drive. Disk Druid allows you to play around with things without actually making changes to prevent you from shooting your whole leg off.)

There are online tutorials for Disk Druid and I think the CD itself comes with help files.