Feds send NJ bill for $271 million in federal aid for canceled tunnel

I don’t know if Christie thought he was going to be able to keep the money or if he even thought about this possibility at all. The feds apparently gave NJ $271B in aid to build the now canceled NY-NJ tunnel under the Hudson River. Knowing how things work in the Cadaver Garden State, that money is gone, daddy gone.


I reported to a Mod and asked to have the thread title changed to reflect that it’s a quarter of a billion dollars, not a quarter of a trillion.


I read an article, just after the cancellation was announced, but I can’t find it. Basically gist was opining the Christie had just gamed the system brilliantly, that the state could get largely off the hook and drop the bill, but the feds simply couldn’t let the project die, and would be forced into picking up the whole tab, and building it to benefit the state anyway.

I guess some Washington bean counter read the same article. and got all spiteful. :wink:

Christie’s a shortsighted moron. Without excellent access to NYC, NJ is nothing but a highway with good beaches. People are not flocking here for the chance to live in Nowheresville only with much higher property taxes.

The sooner he’s out of office the better the state will be. All he’s done is raise property taxes, veto this tunnel and attack teachers. I just know his latest act of stupidity will do nothing but screw over the middle class yet again.

Thank you.

Is it too late to uncancel the project?

Is it too late to cancel the governor?

Yes. That sort of thing has to be done in the womb.