Feeding flower stems to my guinea pigs

I feel my two guinea pigs high-quality guinea pig kibble that has dried veggies and all kinds of good stuff. But what they love most of all is fresh greens. Whenever my supermarket has those pre-bagged salad greens on sale BOGO, I buy them, and my pigs have fresh salad every day for a week. They also love when we put a barrier up in the yard and let them at the grass.

So, today, I was trimming up a bouquet of flowers for the dining room table (bought the flowers at the supermarket), and as I was trimming the leaves and stems into the garbage can, I wondered if I shouldn’t be feeding them to the pigs instead.

If I fed my guinea pigs flower stems, would they like it? Would it be good for them? Could there be some kind of preservative on supermarket flowers that would be dangerous for them? (That’s the real reason I posted this here instead of just putting some stems and leaves in their cage to see what they’d do).

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