Feeding the Troops

They will LOVE IT!! And yes. You should do the green beans. Add some sugar and vinegar to it at the end and sautee it for a little bit - it’s even more wonderful! I steam 'em in chicken stock, then when they’re done, throw 'em in a frying pan with crisped up bacon, vinegar and a little suger - they’re wonderful! My Sister In Law said - and she was 50 at the time - that she never would eat green beans before until she had mine so teach these children early that everything - yes EVERYTHING - is better with bacon fat. :smiley:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

And PS - it ain’t a “Northerner thing” - I’m from the SW Suburbs of Chicago - there’s just something wrongly WIRED about people who don’t like bacon! :smiley:

They were a HUGE hit. I heard the words “awesome” and “amazing” used.

As usual, I got home later than expected and still had to assemble the Kebabs… I did the steak ones first, using 2 sirloins (meat I already cubed and marinated). I think I ended up with 20 skewers all nicely varied with onions, green peppers, meat, and mushrooms. When I finally got done and was ready to start the chicken I decided “screw it” and they were assembled… Pepper, onion, chicken, chicken, chicken… chicken, chicken, onion, pepper. After all, I realized I wasn’t doing it for a fancy gathering, but rather a bunch of boys who’s only thoughts are “FOOD… Me Eat NOW!”.

So 20 steak (and vegies), and 4 chicken it was. Good thing because my grill was full. Worked out well too because one of the boys apparently doesn’t like peppers, onions, or mushrooms, and LOVES chicken. He thought I made them special just for him.

Just have to feed them in the morning and they are gone. One of them though may try to come back… he was being texted by one of the girls my son introduced him to and seemed really excited about it.

Oh yeah… didn’t do the green beans. I really wanted to but just didn’t have time.

My wife loves bacon, but for some reason the drippings gross her out. Being a good girl from Wisconsin she loves butter and just doesn’t get that they are pretty much the same. Also, for her the beans should crunch (she likes them steamed for about 3 nano-seconds)… not the way I was raised. Mine simmer for a few hours or until you can’t wait any longer. (ok, maybe nano-seconds and hours are a slight exaggeration)

Oh to have their metabolism again…

They left here after the Kabobs and went fishing with friends… then to Orange Leaf (an Ice Cream place)… then stopped at Taco Bell on the way home… and came home and headed straight to the refrigerator. No idea what they are eating, but I’m hearing the microwave beeping.

Teen boys? Check on the cats. :wink:

Try having grown up in a house with a mother that cooks old style German, and loving a spread that is fine dice apples and pork cracklings in the fat rendered from the cracklings [damned if I can remember what the proper name for it is, it was just apple spread at home] and having a houseguest open the jar in my fridgerator and throw it away because they never saved bacon pan drippings and it ‘looked nasty’ :frowning:

I also like ‘salo’ which is cured raw pork fat you slice and eat [I like it on a good rye sourdough with maybe a dab of mustard and sliced onion]

There is a lot of ‘old country’ foods that kids consider gross that is wonderfully tasty. I had a roomie with a kid, at the time he was 9 years old. We made old style greens with fatback and his friend from down the road thought it was seriously gross - but then again his new stepmother was trying to turn him vegan. She had him convinced anything that came from a pig was contaminated by garbage. We couldn’t convince him that to be sold in a store the pig couldn’t be fed garbage, the food inspectors wouldn’t allow it. wouldn’t allow it. More greens for me :stuck_out_tongue: