Feel Love

I don’t think this quite rises to the level of witnessing,so I will post this in MPSIMS insted of debates.

I think you should learn to feel love, without a specific object attached. Donna Summer hits it in I Feel Love*, though there is a lot of talk of “you and me” that is contrary to what I am really talking about.

Rumi has the same problem, worse. To

(The Pocket Rumi - Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi - Google Books) him:

Yes he is brimming with love, but underneath Rumi is addressing a ‘you’. Summers does it too, but a lot less. I say don’t do it at all. Feel love, no object.

Just feel love.
*Listen via headphones and set to Full Screen

You can feel peace or contentment or happiness. But love without an object is a crock.

Love is the irresistible desire to be loved. That doesn’t just fall like rain.

There are two things you need in your life: Love, money and health. Any two will do, and make up for the shortfall in the one that is missing.

Am I weird for wanting money and health if I had to choose?

For the record, I have none of the above.

Are you sure about that? In the video (which obviously isn’t a scientific cite, but just follow along anyway), Donna Summer is obviously on the receiving end of a lot of attention. I liked it for this topic though because there isn’t any audience or admirer shown, it is just her enjoying herself. Cross that with the Rumi, who is always going on about some secret lover that isn’t there in any material sense, and we are at least getting toward a definition of what I’m talking about. Rumi is too religious and overblown though, and disco is too druggy, but still.

This topic may annoy some dopers because I can’t directly transmit an experience. I’m saying it is a real thing, whatever you want to call it, and you should try it because you’ll like it.

I’m not going to call anyone weird in a thread like this. Money? Love it. Health? Glad to have it. But this isn’t an either/or kind of thing. You can enjoy the love-without-object and add or take away money or health, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t hinge on or react to those things. They’re unrelated.

Yes. It’s not possible to just feel love without an object, whether another person, or yourself, or whatever. The object can be unseen or implied, but there always is one.

I don’t know, that seems to be exactly the kind of experience I have had lately- seemingly no object. Strange but true. It’s why I started the thread.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

(seriously, I don’t. this isn’t a troll.)

Been there. Felt that. It’s pretty awesome.

(Psilocybin helps, but is not a requirement.)

I once read, in the Notre Dame magazine, no less, a “new way to pray the rosary.” Being a treehugging hippie Pagan, I read it with interest. The general idea was to start with the cross, and say to yourself, “This is Love.” Like, the BIG GOD LOVE, that God has for all of creation. Then the stand alone beads, you think about feeling that Love yourself. The decade beads are people - the closest ones, the people close to you that are easy to Love. Your spouse, your kids, your parents, your siblings…then as you move further out, strangers, enemies…Hitler. Trump. The really hard ones. Then you get back to the cross and feel that universal, unattached God Love again.

I thought it was pretty cool.

People, can you feel it? Love is everywhere!

Let me try to explain it a different way. I’m a straight guy. Maybe a handful of times, I believe I have fallen in love with a woman. Maybe something similar has happened to you- it seems to happen to a lot of people.

Ok. Imagine that experience, only ‘for no reason’, not directed at anyone or anything, but something your mood just casually drifts into.

Good one :slight_smile: