feel the need to correct myself re florida prisoner game

I’ve offended and didn’t mean too.

i posted this thread in MPSIMS

it’s fun and easy!! Just click on this link http://www.dc.state.fl.us/inmateinfo/inmateinfomenu.asp
type in your first and last name and you will have your own prisoner!!! you’ll get their photo, identifing marks, and what they’re incarcerated for!!!
link their photo in your post!!!

here’s mine!! http://www.dc.state.fl.us/ActiveOff...ionID=506797496

The post was sarcatic. When I came across this site, I wondered to myself WHY in the world this was necassary. The only thing I could think of was so we could play a cute name game at the expense of the incarcerated. Apparantly the nature of this discussion made it appropriate for Great Debates. The placement in MPSIMS made it seem like I really intended for people to play and share the “fun”. I didn’t put it in Great Debates because I don’t usually outright start threads to share opinions there. I use it as a sounding board to gather others thoughts when I’m not sure exactly what to think. Another form of research for me. The opinions I do share in starting threads I like to put in MPSIMS. Again, sorry if I came off as insensitive. I’m kinda new at all this but I know now. makes cute face so no one will hate me Am I forgiven?

Just out of curiosity, what DO you guys think that site is there for?

I think you’re making too big a deal out of this. So you thought it was funny, but nobody else did. No biggie.


But if you want us to debate “what do we think the website is there for?”, well, obviously it’s not there “for a joke”. It says itself what it’s there for:

It’s there so you can look up your weirdo neighbor and find out if he’s a sex offender, or an escaped prisoner, or whatever. It’s obviously not meant as a cute “adopt a convict!” joke website.

But hey, like I said, it’s no biggie for the SDMB. Nobody’s over there in MPSIMS thirsting for your guts for garters. :smiley:

If you truly had offended, somebody would’ve Pitted you by now, and I don’t see one.

Live and learn. And, this isn’t the first time that “sarcasm” failed to register through the pixels. More seasoned posters than you have had this unpleasant drawback of Internet message boards jump up and bite them on the derriere, too. :wink:

Hey, I thought it was funny. Don’t let these people get to you ** torie **, keep up the funny post.

thanks guys

Not just your next door neighbor, but the psycho that you testified against 12 years ago. After all, your address was probably on some form to which the defense has access (not to mention your local white pages.)

Oh, I caught the sarcasm the first time.

this is why I love this site! Never thought of that.