Feeling kinda blue: Or, I need some cheese...

…to go with my whine. I’m angry too, but don’t feel up to pitting profanely

It’s like this. I own a house. I live upstairs, and rent out the downstairs. Currently I have no tenants, because the latest was just given notice to leave. They did so, but the place is going to need a lot of work, as they left it a total mess, with a number of repairs, and a lot of cleaning and painting to be done. The hassle the tenants caused was, IMHO, bad enough that I was justified in telling them to move on, but I’m going to be way out of pocket getting it all fixed up, way beyond the security deposit.

I did go down to the courthouse and file against them in small claims court, but even assuming they are found, show up for court, and I get the judgement, I don’t expect to see any money out of it. However, it would go on their credit and court record.

Pretty lame self pity party huh? But it has got me down. It’s at times like these that you wish you could, just for once, wave a magic wand and have it all taken care of. :frowning:

::cuts Baker a hefty wedge of New York white cheddar::

If that doesn’t make you feel better, I don’t know what will.