Feeling... Rusty? (SDMB Rust group)

Any interest in an SDMB Rust group?

I’ve heard going at it solo is a recipe for being turned into the plaything of psychos with guns.

Would love to give the game a go with some people watching my back!

I’ll write up a description of the game when I get a better feel for what it is, but in the meantime we’re about to do a stream of the first time playing.

Yes, Rust. Good game. I’ve gone as far as I can both as a single player and part of a two-man group so if we ever get something together, that’d be great.

My, my, hey, hey… :wink:

I got a copy of this a few days ago and have gone through the usual growing pains of “two steps forward then someone shoots you in the face and steals your pants”. I’m restarting on a smaller private server someone on another forum invited me to try but if there’s ever a SDMB presence, I’d be willing to run there as well.