Feline Ignorance - why is this cat doing this?

I’m hoping there is a vet or a knowledgable cat lover here on the boards that can answer a couple questions for me - here it goes:

My wife and I have recently adopted a stray cat that just had kittens in our garage. The kittens are about 10 days old. The past few days I noticed the mother cat has been, I believe, attempting to bring the kittens into our home. I noticed she has been carrying one of the kittens by the neck and has attempted to sneak it into our home. I have seen this being done at least three times - every time I just put the kitten back with the rest in her ‘nest’.

Is this normal? Should I move the kittens inside my home with the mother?

Just a note - the garage is very comfortable for her (I would think). I keep her fed, her bed has newspapers I change every other day for her, the garage is even carpeted in the area her nest is.

Thanks in advance for any help.

This is normal. Cats will often move their litters in response to dangers they percieve. If your garage is a noisy high traffic area then she will want to get them out of there. You imply you’ve moved the mother into your house… she probably wants the kittens nearer to her and where she feels safer. When one of our cats had kittens when I was a kid … my little brother would always seek them out and every time he found them mother cat would move them. You moving the kittens will prompt her to move them again. See where she wants to put them and if you can live with the arrangement.

Oh and the mother cat I mentioned also decided my room was best for her kittens. Then she litter trained them in an old puzzle box under my bed! So be aware that this aspect of their training is forthcoming and have a proper receptacle ready. You can get small litter boxes or use cardboard shirt boxes (you need ones low enough for kittens to climb into)

Right, totally normal. It looks bad the way she grabs them by the neck like that, but nature intends it and their necks have loose skin there that helps protect them. Keep moving them back so she won’t pick an especially bad spot like under the sink near the drano.

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