This last episode of house reminded me of Fellini’s La Strada. Such a great movie.

Satyricon is the other movie I’ve seen by Fellini. Didn’t like it one bit. I watched it while sick and half asleep and it just seemed weird for the sake of being weird.

He’s supposedly some hot stuff as far as directing goes.

I’m leaving this topic open for any discussion. Some recommendations for the next movie of his to watch would be nice as well. :slight_smile:

Not a HUGE fan, but Nights of Cabiria is a great, great movie.

In my book, one of the best movies ever made.

Big fan. My favorites are Nights of Cabiria, Amarcord, I Vitelloni, La Strada, 8 1/2 and La Dolce Vita. He also wrote Roma Cita Aperta which I also liked. Also a fan of his wife Giulietta Masina.

Well, I LOVED Satyricon. Went to see it at the art theater with some artsy people, and didn’t WE feel cool, superior, intellectual, and artsy compared to the common herd, LOL! I’ve seen parts of other Fellini movies. I have a mild interest in seeing his films, if TCM devotes a month to FF again, I’ll watch with some kind of Fellini guide at hand…

I have watched all Fellini that I can find to rent. Roma, Satyricon and Amarcord are favorites. I feel I needed to watch all of them more the once to begin to appreciate them. The fashion show in Roma was much better the second time around.

Watching a second or a third time allows one to observe the characters in the background that one does not notice in earlier viewings. Some interesting stuff there.

Agreed - I remember watching 8 1/2 during a film appreciation class and not getting it at all. I watched it again because I had to write a paper on it, and it all fell into place. He doesn’t spoon feed the audience and has wonderful visuals and ideas to wrestle with…

I’ve got an original poster for Roma hanging on my wall (similar to this). It was hung in the Astra cinema in Vercelli.

Speaking of 8 1/2, I don’t know if this is good news or bad news to Fellini fans, but the musical version Nine is about to be released theatrically. Trailer.

I’ve never seen the musical, but it has one of my favorite songs: In A Very Unusual Way (heard herein a fan vid for House), or if you prefer- Streisand.