Fellow American Dopers: ever seen the Canadian show Trailer Park Boys?

Because if not, run, do not walk, to your Netflix queue and add the DVD’s. Dear freaking christ, it’s hysterical.

I love all the characters, of course, but Bubbles is the best.

“Moo like you know me!”

“Say, you’re looking kind of French with your little moustache there. I think I’ll call you Steve French.”

“It’s not his fault. He’s just all mixed up cause he’s hooked on the weed!”

and, of course,

“A dope trailer is no place for a kitty!”

I’ve seen a few episodes and I agree it’s hilarious. Brilliant show, at least from what I saw. My favorite line was probably the one about the “public domain” shopping carts.

The most amusing thing to me, though, was that one of the characters looks and sounds almost exactly like someone I know. (I forgot the character’s name, but it’s the main character who isn’t Bubbles or Julian.) Not only is the resemblance remarkable, but the guy I know lived for a couple years in a trailer park with my brother. I swear they must have based the character on him.

Oh God, they’re so funny. My husband got hooked when he was in Canada for his stag party, and brought all the eps back with him.

I love Bubbles and J-Roc, they’re just so, so funny.

Randy and Mr Leahy and their whole relationship is pretty funny too.

I think this is the main appeal of the show – nearly everyone has this experience. I’m pretty sure the guy you’re thinking of is Ricky. I used to know a fella that looked and sounded just like him, too. (He played in a rockabilly band, and his sideburns were exactly that ridiculous.)

I also know a fella that looks alarmingly like Bubbles, crazy glasses and all, and has some similar mannerisms. He’s a bit more functional, but lives with his mum and puts most of his energy into a fanzine devoted to garage music and '60s B movies.

For the rare people who don’t know anyone like the folks on Trailer Park Boys, there’s Corner Gas, which also shares this phenomenon, and is also pretty damned funny.

I’ve heard that you American folk with digital cable get Trailer Park Boys via BBC America. What’s up with that? :dubious:

Well, we used to. They showed the first two seasons and then took the show off.

And then they did the same with Black Books(but one season).

I’m not watching BBC America until at least one of those shows are put back on the air.

Why take off two great shows? I’m reminded of a Monty Python sketch where a BBC guy says “I want to be in programming, but unfortunatly, I’ve got a degree”. Either that or they’re taking lessons from Fox.

I LUUUUUURVE Trailer Park Boys! I’ve seen all the eps and the “movie”.

I watched the “movie” after having fallen in love with the show…and as a dog owner and Humane Society member…well, I was kind of shocked at Ricky and Julian’s past profession. It was hard to watch but I still love 'em :slight_smile:

I showed my brother the Rush episode the other night. So good so good :slight_smile:

Wanted to get me some TPB gear for Christmas but alas the offical store doesn’t ship to the states. I could get something off eBay BUT what I wanted was a hoodie and their hoodies are not all that great (because I’m not a stoner)…

I love all the main characters. CoryAndTrevor are hilarious! And I know a guy with the same mannerisms as Bubbles too. J-Roc is brilliant as well :slight_smile: I think I could do without Randy’s gut all the time but…eh, it’s kind of fun.

Can’t wait for more seasons!!!

I haven’t really gotten into Trailer Park Boys yet, but I must second Larry Mudd’s love of Corner Gas. That show is so funny. I love Oscar and Hank. These must be the only two Canadian sitcoms that are actually funny (with the possible addition of The King of Kensington). Funny how us Canadians can be so good at sketch comedy, but generally bad at sitcoms.

Gotta bump this…

They had a clip of this show on fazed where J to the R O C is getting “changed” in his bedroom. I was immediately hooked and quickly acquired all 5 seasons and the movie. I’m almost done watching them all and have started to pace myself as I don’t want it to end.

It’s just as well. BBC America edited it into the ground. It’s hard to erase the profanity from a show with dialogue that’s almost nothing but profanity.

Bubbles: “Plato is the smartest man that ever lived. He said it’s OK to lie if it truly benefits the cause of the people. Cocksucker called it ‘The Noble Lie.’”

For me, the way Bubbles says that line would cause it to completely lose its effect if it were bleeped out.

Season 6 premiers on April 16th, and a new TPB feature film will be opening this summer.

While it is one of my favorite shows, I’m a little nervous, as I think the quality dipped slightly in season 4, then even moreso in season 5. Don’t get me wrong; they were still fantastic, just not the pure gold of the first three seasons.