Fellow Los Angelenos - Know a Traffic Watch site?

Have any of you used this site? Did you find it to be accurate?

I ask because I have tried it a couple times, and the actual traffic I hit didn’t seem to really match up with what the site told me it would be. Is there any other service like this?

Not an Angeleno, but I love Traffic.com. It’s usually pretty accurate. You can save the routes you usually take or look at all the area roads, and you can access it by phone as well. I have a bunch of routes set up, and before I leave I just call the number, say the name of the one I want to hear about, and it’ll tell me about the trip, including detailed incidents. It’ll also call me back if things get worse in the next hour. I travel to a different location for work every single day, and I love having this around.

The times I’ve used that site, I’ve found it to be pretty decent. Also, the traffic section on ABC7.com is fairly good too.

That’s the one I use. I don’t find it horribly accurate on the speed indicators, but it’s spot on for accidents.