Female breast nipple, why is it such a threat?

Female breast development IS a secondary sexual characteristics.

And the ideal of large breasts, like the ideal of wide hips, for women is not limited to modern American civilization alone.

Look at the paleolithic Venus statuettes, with their large breasts.

Large breasts presumably allow for greater lactation; and as large hips allow for easier childbirth, and hence a higher probability of fertility success, both are evolutionary adaptations that there is a good biological reason men are selected to be attracted to.

To disagree with the modern Feminist critique…

Sidenote: Why is it that if guys want large breasts and wide hips, we’re male chauvinist jerks, but if we want someone more waifish, we’re closet pedophiles? Seems like any sexual attraction marks a guy as some sort of deviant.

Well gimme one of those chauvanist jerks!

Actually, I remember seeing on the Discovery Channel that the human female’s breasts evolved to be big and round because we (humans) mate facing each other, and other species mate from behind so the breasts were that way to look like butt cleavage.

Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t most animals have butts less rounded than ours? Seems to me it’s something about musculature and walking upright that requires us to have a big booty. And if it’s true, why don’t us men have similarly large breasts?

behold Natalie Portman’s nipples. nobody seems to complain when nipples like these are so visible to the naked eye, except when a baby is attached to it. intense jealousy perhaps?

Does anybody remember that hilarious SEINFELD episode, where Elaine sends out the Christmas cards (not realizing her nipple is visible)?
Shows ya how ridiculous the whole thing is…as if a nipple EVER thretened you!

Or Berlin mate…corrrr!!!

Not only topless but bottomless as well and not a copper in sight.

disgusting I call it :wink:

It’s very simple. Nipples destroy morality. Has something to do with their shape or color. Or something.

A word of caution for the topplessly inclined. Killer bees will seek out darker areas such as the eyes and mouth.

What’s all this about “cultural chavanism”, etc? They make guys horny and society figures that guys are horny enough as it is.

Don’t point those things at me!

I just went through a park in Copenhagen, but Alas! I saw no exposed nipples at all. Of course it might have something to do with it being cold enough to freeze the balls off a polar bear this time of year. A pair of liberated female breast nipples would be hard enough to bore through steel, classifiable under lethal weapons.

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Think of the mating position that an animal like, say, a dog might use. Which one would be in a position to look at a butt, the male or the female?

Well, of course YOU’D think so… :wink:

Nipples a “threat”? They’re one of the reasons to be truly thankful on this Thanksgiving Day (and you non-US’ers are welcome to join in).

Besides, without them, how would we know, in a real visceral sense rather than a simply numerical one, how cold it is?

That would seem to require a rounded butt first, then a switch to face-to-face mating. Could be true but I have my doubts.

The nipple is simply where the line is drawn in defining toplessness. You can show all but the nipple and it’d be okay. You can cover everything BUT the nipple and it’s not. That’s women for ya.

It sounds like men are being “blamed” for women choosing to not go topless in public. That’s a crock…if women want to walk around in public with no clothes at all, I doubt that men would be the one’s protesting.

Except for a few preachers and PW’s. :wink:

We are referring to the aeriolas and not the nipples, correct?
In my experience, it is they that are considered naughty little devils that must be obscured from view. Unfortunately, mine are rather large , so I must be careful what I wear.
If I had my way, I would go topless and braless. Unfortunately, in this society, I would either be arrested for indecent exposure (still haven’t figured out what is indecent about the human body), or considered a target for would-be rapists.
I know this a sad thing to say, but we must realize that no matter how much we want to deny it, we are a product of our society. Sex is advertised as dirty and somewhat evil, and we are brainwashed into this belief. The worst part is that women are still looked upon as mere objects for men’s enjoyment.
When the day comes when men (and women) see sex and the human body for what they are, part of the beauty of nature; then maybe we can all go about our day with with our assets hanging freely.
Although…those of you who live in cold climates may disagree.

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