Female breast nipple, why is it such a threat?

Thank you bogga.
You just proved my point.


You did that on purpose didn’t you? Oh and it’s aereolas (I think) :slight_smile:

It’s (pl.) areolae or areolas…and what exactly do you consider large?

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Large? Oh I’d say about this big
<----------------------------- nipple here---------------------------------->

Lucky, Lucky monitor screen:D

No! No! BEECH, I’m a bloke, the above was an illustration, a bit overgenerous tho’

Arrrrgh! memo to self must read posts more carefully:o

Com’on Sweetfreak help save the day (& my cred.) & tell us - How big?

On a vaguely related tip, isn’t it very typically German that their word for nipple, “Brustwars”, literally translates as “Breast Wart”?

Mein Fuhrer, my breast wart isn’t half giving me some gyp these days, it’s really getting on my tit :smiley:

There is nothing objectively offensive about nipples, of the female breast variety or of all those other kinds, in fact there is nothing objectively offensive about the naked human form at all, only offense arising from cultural conditioning (some of which is quite deep-rooted).

More than a mouthful, depending on the size of the mouth. :wink:

Although, on reflection, I think I would be quite disturbed at the sight of female elbow nipples.

Hmmm… I’ve seen an MPSIMS thread in GQ before but never in GD. :slight_smile:

I can give a few reasons why nipples are dangerous! You would have a bunch of guys not doing anything, You would get chewed out by your mom,grandmom,sister,cousin,or girlfriend for looking at it, and if women can walk around with nipples hanging out you can see whats there so what is there to hope for, then there is guys that will want to walk around naked and I don’t want more naked guys, it would probably increase sex rate wich increases birth wich increases population and aren’t we all already crowded? More sex will also lead to more STD’s wich makes sex not so much of a beautiful part of nature and more of a searing,throbbing pain.Nipples are covered for a reason!

Woah - I read “Mein Fuhrer, my breast wart isn’t half giving me some gyp these days, it’s really getting on my tit” before I read the post above it. Things like that make me think I’m going insane.

That aside, I think this is the best description of the state of affairs I’ve heard so far:

~ Isaac

Well ** call me pip ** I have to confess that not once was I ever interested in looking at my mothers, grandmothers, sisters or cousins nipples, my g/f however is a different matter.
So if women walk around with their nipples hanging out there is nothing else to hope for? you gotta be shitting me here, I mean down south there is a hell of sight more interesting ‘stuff’ to have a nosy at.
Like you I’m not interested in naked blokes and the only reason nipples are covered is because some repressed asshole say’s they have to be for fear of offending a load of other repressed assholes.

Searing, throbbing pain…well I’ll be… :slight_smile:

OH get over yourself. There is NOTHING wrong with a woman going topless and there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with people that think it’s ok for men to go topless and not women. I’ve seen NUMEROUS men with bigger tits than me and THEY aren’t getting griped at. I’m getting aweful sick of people saying things like this. Personally I don’t find anything sexual about the human breast. They were put there for NURSING NOT SCREWING. :smack:

It’s not the nipple that’s a threat… after all, it’s only the tip of the …

What was that thing that sunk the Titanic ?

Well you wouldn’t find anything sexual about the human breast would you…YOU’VE GOT TWO and I haven’t even got ONE.

No bloody justice in the world today.