Female dopers: Numb face from orgasm?

Okay, I’ll make this quick and simple because I’m kinda tired. It’s been a long day.

This is the first time that has happened to me. He hit a really GOOD spot, and my cheeks went numb for a little while.

My google-fu is unable to turn up anything but the barest mention, and most of it seems to be medical sites reccomending to go see a doctor, except after a bit feeling came back and I’m not too concerned about it.

So women (heck, guys too if it’s happened to you)? Ever had this happen?

I’d be interested if anyone could explain also.

I’ve had my nose and cheeks go numb before, and it was a really good that time as well. (I’m a guy). Only happened a few times. As a guy, I just wondered if more blood was being diverted somehow, but if it happens to women too it must have some other explanation.

Hmm, I’ve never felt this. I’ve had some good orgasms, but never experienced this. Sometimes I do it so long I lose feeling down there…not on the face, though.

Come on people, there’s a blow-job joke here up for grabs!

…I got nothing though.

I’ve had this happen a few times. I was also hyperventilating during these orgasms, so I thought the two were related. I do get numb face or hands when I hyperventilate in non-sexual situations.

(Okay, so does anyone else ever hyperventilate from/during an orgasm?)

Numbness? Now I’m certain I’m not doing it right!

I am a guy, and I am not a doctor.

While I’m sure you’re not the only one, or first to have this happen, it doesn’t sound like a familiar reaction either. Meaning, I have never heard of it before. A woman’s body is a peculiar thing, and I mean that with the utmost respect. But many different women, especially with sex, seem to have different levels of arousal, excitement, and orgasm. So even though I’ve never heard of this before, I’m not exactly shocked.

I’m wondering why these websites you looked up are recommending a doctors visit. I know it is standard practice to cover your ass (as I did in my first line), when giving out medical advice online to always say “BUT go see your doctor”. Did any mention what the concerns would be about having numbness? Medical Dopers, any ideas? The only thing I can even think to link would be the possibility of blood clots. High levels of emotions + releasing of hormones + assumed birth control (if you’re having sex you may be on the pill, which increases the risk). But this seems far-fetched.

BTW: Cheers for the wonderful O

That was the only thing I turned up that was even related (hyperventilating and orgasm) The rest just seemed to latch onto numb face from lists of symptoms which is where that comes in.

I’ve only hyperventilated once before that I remember, and I don’t remember my face going numb that time (not during orgasm, that was rather scary actually).

Yes this has happened to me. My nose goes numb and my lips get all tingly. Twice I have had such an expolosive orgasm that I got a migraine. I looked that one up, and sure enough it’s not uncommon for that to happen either. It did scare the bajebus out of me at the time.

I have had the tip of my nose get tingly and numb quite a few times. I’m glad to know I am not the only one!

Ugh, that’s horrible. :frowning: Usually, it works the other way for me. If I’ve got a headache, masturbating/orgasm will relieve the pain.

That happened to me once. Ugh! What a downer way to end a great sexual encounter.

I have never had my face go numb, but my feet have. Suburban Plankton knows he’s done something amazing when I scream, “OMG! I can’t feel my feet.”