Ferris Bueller ditched school on June 5, 1985

Baseball-Reference figured out that Ferris ditched school on that date, too bad the Cubbies fell 4-2, to the Braves.

Are Chicago suburban high schools still in session in June?

Where I grew up we went to school until mid-June, but around here they’re done before Memorial Day.

Baseball-reference didn’t figure it out, Baseball Prospectus did (Larry Granillo, specifically).

Oddly enough, there’s no record of a parade in Chicago on that day…

I’m confused. I thought The Bears were winning.

Back in the day out here in Western Suburbia, we were usually in school through the first couple days of June. I could see being in school on June 5th (maybe) but it’d probably be the last day of school and pretty pointless to ditch. Or pointless to worry about if you were ditching.

FRAK! Thanks for the correction/link John

When I was in school in 1985 (K-8 private school, 90 minutes North of Chicago) school ran until about June 7th.

School ran till June 16 in 1978 in Lexington KY, though that was because of the blizzards that year. (What, you young punks think Snowpocalypse 2011 was bad? By the way, why was Ferris going to baseball games and art museums? My sister took a day off in the mid 80’s and all she did was try to sneak into a dirty movie.)

Ridiculous. Wisconsin schools generally ran through the first week of June…I would have been taking “finals” that week. Not learning about the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. It’s gotta be sometime in May. All the leaves are on the trees, so it can’t be April. (Note that Ferris’ neighborhood was actually in Long Beach, CA). Cam’s house is in Highland Park though. Wacky school district boundaries!

I saw them talking about this on the news last night. That’s when the baseball footage you see was filmed, but the footage of Ferris and his friends in the stands was filmed months later. As of July of that year, they were still trying to fully decide on whether they would film the scene in Wrigley or Comiskey.

not in the midwest but still feel the need to chime in. HS seniors graduated in the 6/5-6/10 range, depending on availability of venues (stadiums and whatnot. gyms and bleachers were a last resort). the rest of the kiddies stayed on for a week after. my class graduated on 6/9 and thought it was both hilarious and auspicious.

In NYC, my kids end school in the third week of June. But maybe Jewish schools are different, because there are two week-long holidays in the middle of the year that they need to take off, plus some smaller ones.

Next project: figure out which Angels-Mariners game [del]Enrico Palazzo[/del] Frank Drebin saved Queen Elizabeth II’s life at.

WGN News said last night that the scenes with the actors were actually filmed in September at a game against the Montreal Expos, and they cut in footage of the June 5 game. (I don’t know if this is evident in the film as a continuity error.)

Said anchor Mark Suppelsa: “Montreal doesn’t even exist anymore!”
I know he meant the baseball team and not the city itself, but I found that funny.

Long Island public schools are in session* until the last weeks of June.

My graduation (in 1977) was June 25.

  • Obviously not classes, those are done by the second week. Final exams take the last week and a half.

That’s going to be a tough one since it was filmed in Dodger Stadium and not the Angels’ actual home park in Anaheim. :smiley:

Ahem…movies are fiction. They don’t all necessarily take place in the same universe, time-line, etc. that we live in.

That is all.

Fun factoids are fun. Especially fun factoids that remind us that school is almost out, spring is almost here, and baseball spring training starts in 6 days. SIX DAYS!!

And, as I recall, there were aerial establishing shots of Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field, among others. A little dig at film convention, perhaps. And a nice joke to reward sharp-eyed baseball fans.

Didn’t someone do a similar thing with the Orioles game on in the background of A Few Good Men? I’m sure I read it somewhere, but can’t find a link now.

No, the movies are real. We are the fiction.