Ferris Bueller's Day Off II: Save Cameron From Military School

What do you guys think?

My brother tricked me into believing there would be a sequel to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Now, being as I love that film so much, it’s heart-rending to think there won’t be. Soo I decided to make this thread to plan my own version of it. And so, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off II: Save Cameron From Military School is born. (With a little help from the dopers…)

I have the basic plot, but you can help me pick actors, new characters…extra storylines. Of course, Matthew Broderick has to return. :stuck_out_tongue:

The plot:
Cameron, Ferris’s best friend from the first one, is in trouble due to what happened to his dad’s car. (It died.) Cameron’s been jetted off to military school for the rest of the year. It’s all up to Ferris to help Cameron escape the stressful, non-relaxing confines of the military school and show him how to really take it easy. Oh yeah, and I want to do something with Jeannie but I’m not sure.

Please aid me.
[sub]Okay i’m bored…i’m out of school for a week. Help me not to go crazy.[/sub]

Hijinks should ensue. And then, I think, the perfect ending would be Cameron marrying me as he is my ideal man. (Not that I’m making light of your thread. I just felt this was the ideal time to express my unending devotion to the cool that is Cameron.)

“When Cameron was in Egypt’s laaaannnd…Let my…Cameron…gooooo.”
I wouldn’t really care what they did, as long as they had principal Ed getting all messed up like in the first one. That was the best part of the movie, besides getting to see Mia Sara in her skivies.

By the way, your plan is already in action here:

Speculate on a Ferris Bueller Returns sequel

Our idea will be cooler, though.

Personally, I think Sloane should fall in love with Cameron. Or at the very least, marry the guy. There was definite chemistry between them. I could see that…I really could. Or if we wanna be really corny, Cameron and Jeannie could fall in love.

Nifty idea. But I don’t think it’ll work with the original cast. They’re just a wee bit too old to be playing high schoolers. Unless you want to do a “Ferris Bueller Reflects” kind of theme.

I always did like the guy that played Cameron. What’s weirding me out right now is that I cannot remember his name. I cannot. And I’ve been watching him on Spin City (where is is freaking brilliant) for quite some time now. Oy. Help me out here!

Persephone, his name is Alan Ruck, IIRC.

Well when I heard a sequel was being mooted (unconfirmed still) we went to town with ideas here. My favourite had Ferris grown up (so we could still use original cast) but working for a corporation that was draconian in some way which required him to be sneaky to get a day off (of course) and of course dpoing so for all his friends as well…

Cue those hijincks…

1997: Thirty-nine members of the Heaven's Gate cult commit suicide in a mansion outside of San Diego preparing to board a spaceship they claimed was following the Hale-Bopp comet, Andy Gilbert born

Just give Ferris a concussion rifle, and the movie’s golden, baby.

Easy. Cameron’s military school is near the college that Jeannie has decided to attend. (She was a senior in the original, wasn’t she? Oh well, Hollywood has never needed such an excuse before; why start now?)

Ferris decides to visit his sister at college–that’s the excuse he uses on his parents, anyway, and he somehow manages to get Jeannie to go along with it–and instead, goes to Cameron’s school. Wackiness ensues with Jeannie playing a large part as Mr. and Mrs. Bueller, encountering some emergency that can only be resolved by Ferris, try to reach Ferris at Jeannie’s, and Jeannie tries to track down Ferris at Cameron’s. Only the guys aren’t there; they’re wherever on their day off.

Actually, given the aging all the actors (and the characters) have gone through, this may be the better approach.

We’ll save the grown up one from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off III: Escape from Corporate Takeover.” :stuck_out_tongue: Like the sound of that one!

Oh, there is no way Mathew Broderick can’t be Ferris again. No one else could do it. Please- the new no-talent teens from Dawson’s Creek and whatnot? No way. No freaking way am I going to allow that. It’s M. Broderick or nothing.

Yeah Cameron was always the one I liked the most. Well, and Ferris of course.

Also- wasn’t Ferris supposed to be a senior in high school? He talked about how that was going to be it…and how he wanted Cameron to learn to relax before they both graduated. And he went on to say that Sloane was still a junior (at least, younger than Ferris and Cameron). How can Jeannie be older then…? Ah well it’s Hollywood. :cool:

We can do a Ferris Beuller prequel and get Jake Lloyd to be Ferris.

“Cameron, I heard you talking about midichlorians… tell me, what are midichlorians?”

Um…what are midichlorians, pray tell?

OKay i had to revive this.

And what IS a midichlorian? Please?

Reviving an old thread here. I could have swore that he said something about “graduating next year”, which leads me to believe that maybe he is only a junior in high school. Also, I don’t recall anything being said about his sister being older than him. I don’t think they ever said whether she was younger or older than him. Of course, it’s been awhile since I have seen this movie, so maybe I’m just not remembering it right. Maybe they were twins in the movie?

The only thing I know for sure is that Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Gray played brother and sister in the movie, but in real life they were living together and engaged to be married. They eventually broke up, though I don’t remember when or why.

Actually in an article I read, it referred to Jeannie as Ferris’s little sister…I think she may have been younger. Anyway. Like I said: Hollywood, anything can happen!

Something about Star Wars: Episode 1.

High amounts in Jake Lloyd’s character was “unusual” to Samuel L. Jackson and the others.

Sounds like Detroit Rock City to me.