Ferrous and Ferric.

What is the difference, how could one change ferrous into ferric?

Speaking of oxidation in blood

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Ferrous is any compound where iron has a +2 charge; ferric is one where it has a +3 charge. How it changes is, indeed, called oxidation, but unless you give more detail of what it is you want to know about it will be difficult to come up with better answers.

Naa pretty much nailed it. In more general terms, whenever an electropositive element can exist in two different oxidation states, the lower charge is given a name with -ous, the higher with -ic. The terms function likle adjectives “modifying” the ion of the electronegtative element: ferrous ulphate, ferric carbonate.

Tin: stannous, stannic
Copper: Cuprous, cupric
Phosphorus: Phosphorous (note the spelling difference, Phosphoric
Nitrogen: Nitrous, nitric
Vanadium: Vanadous, vanadic

In addition to the above, if it’s rust, then it’s ferric. If it’s steel, pig iron or some other iron alloy, then it’s ferrous.

the iron might have been oxidized but Nava has been reduced.