Feudish - name the state for these universities

I have the feeling that if I followed sports I’d know some of these, but I can only recall ever knowing one, Harvard.

Carnegie Mellon – Pennsylvania
Case Western Reserve – Ohio
Dartmouth – New Hampshire
Duke – North Carolina
Emory – Georgia
George Washington – District of Columbia
Harvard – Massachusetts
Johns Hopkins – Maryland
Northwestern – Illinois
Purdue – Illinois
Rice – Texas
Tulane – Louisiana
Vanderbilt – Tennessee
Washington – Washington University: Missouri. University of Washington: Washington
Yale – Connecticut

Carnegie Mellon - Pittsburgh
Case Western Reserve - Dayton?
Dartmouth - Maine
Duke - Alabama?
Emory - Georgia?
George Washington - Washington DC
Harvard - Boston
Johns Hopkins - Minnesota?
Northwestern - Chicago
Purdue - Indiana
Rice - Louisiana?
Tulane - ?
Vanderbilt - one of the Carolinas
Washington - Washington DC
Yale - Boston

Carnegie Mellon: Pennsylvania
Case Western Reserve: Hell if I know. Pennsylvania?
Dartmouth: New Hampshire
Duke: North Carolina
Emory: Georgia
George Washington: Virginia
Harvard: Massachusetts
Johns Hopkins: Massachusetts
Northwestern: Illinois
Purdue: Indiana
Rice: Texas
Tulane: Louisiana
Vanderbilt: Kentucky
Washington: Is this supposed to be Washington and Lee? Virgina
Yale: Massachussetts?

checks answers

It also can help if you’re in a fraternity or sorority, because when you’re a pledge you might be forced to memorize the location of every school where you have or ever have had a chapter. Like I was.

None of these schools are any known for their sports programs, except Purdue (football) and Duke (basketball).

Carnegie Mellon - Pennsylvania
Case Western Reserve - Massachusettes ? Only one i don’t know for sure
Dartmouth - New Hampshire
Duke - North Carolina
Emory - Georgia
George Washington - DC or Virginia
Harvard - Mass
Johns Hopkins - Maryland
Northwestern - Ill
Purdue - Indiana
Rice - Texas
Tulane - Louisianna
Vanderbilt - Tennessee
Washington - Missouri (if you are not talking about the state Univ)
Yale - Connecticut

Carnegie Mellon - Pittsburg, PA
Case Western Reserve - Cleveland, OH
Dartmouth - Dartmouth, NH
Duke - Raleigh/Durham, NC
Emory - Atlanta, GA
George Washington - not sure, DC area somewhere, maybe Northern Virginia?
Harvard - Cambridge, MA
Johns Hopkins - Baltimore, MD
Northwestern - Chicago, IL
Purdue - Lafayette, IN
Rice - somewhere in Texas
Tulane - New Orleans, LA
Vanderbilt - Nashville, TN
Washington - St. Lous, MO
Yale - New Haven, CT

I added the cities since I knew most of them.

I’ll add a few:

Morehead St
Harvey Mudd

Middlebury – Vermont
Amherst – Massachusetts
Morehead St – Kentucky
Morehouse – Georgia
Drake – Iowa
Harvey Mudd – California
McGill – Quebec
Gonzaga – Washington
Brown – Rhode Island
Grambling – Louisiana
Clarkson – New York

Without checking any other posts:

Carnegie Mellon:PA
Case Western Reserve: IL?
Dartmouth: NH
Duke: NC
Emory: GA
George Washington: VA
Harvard: MA
Johns Hopkins: MD
Northwestern: IL
Purdue: IN
Rice: TX
Tulane: LA
Vanderbilt : TN
Washington: MO
Yale: CT