Fever Tree Tonic Water

I read about it in some foodie article, somewhere. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon it in my travels so I decided to pick it up. I have finally gotten around to preparing myself a Tanqueray & Fever Tree tonic w/ fresh lime since I need to wind down ASAP. (This non-morning girl has to be somewhere, not get up but be somewhere at 7am tomorrow.) I’d be better off just staying up, probably.[Prayers welcome :p]

Anyway, back to Fever Tree - It’s delicious. I highly recommend picking some up if you’d like a special gin and tonic to relax with on a warm evening.


G&T is my go to hot weather drink, I will have to find some Fever Tree to road test, thanks for the tip.
Oh, and good luck staying up all night and being useful at 7AM tomorrow.

I’m not useful in the morning, ever. I am a well-accomplished night owl that somehow manages to fake it enough to make it for regular business hours. Even then - I don’t roll into work until 9-ish instead of 8. Being somewhere at 7 is cruel and unusual punishment. Thankfully my usefulness is unimportant. I just need to be able to make it to a meet-me point where I will be able to zone out while someone else drives to Seattle. The getting up, dressed and out of the house part is the hardest :wink:

I think you will like the Fever Tree! If you think about it check back in with your impressions.

If you’re ever in Tacoma, check out a place called 1022 South. They make their own tonic water in-house from Cinchona bark.

(The person I went with didn’t care much for it, and my palate isn’t really attuned to such things. But the vibe of the place makes me think that when they get it right, they get it very right, indeed.)

I’m a big fan of their Bitter Lemon (basically tonic and lemon) as my tonic water in a gin and tonic - it’s a nice change-up from the lime flavor I’m used to in a G&T. It was recommended by my favorite liquor store, and I am hooked.

Thank you so much for the suggestion. If I ever find occasion to be in Tacoma I would like to check it out. I’m no expert, certainly, and I’m not sure my palate is any more attuned than yours. I’m learning. I’ve never been much of a drinker but I’m trying to evolve by revamping my thinking when it comes to alcohol and learn an appreciation for subtleties and flavors. I really enjoy food, so it seems to be a logical extension. I am still at ground level, however.

The two articles below are what kicked me off. When my inner foodie and the nerd in me are appealed to simultaneously I am powerless to resist.



Thank you, Winkie! If I see that I’ll grab it next time. Do you usually add a squeeze of fresh lemon as well? Or no garnish?

I never settle for anything else, when I’m lounging on the banks of the great grey-green greasy Limpopo.

I don’t, though that is more because I am lazy (and I didn’t think of it) than for any other reason. I have some cut lemon from the gin tasting I just hosted (yes, it was awesome!), so I’ll have to give it a try. I’ll report back!

Reporting back:
Beefeaters + Fever Tree Bitter Lemon + a squeeze of fresh lemon = delightful! The lemon squeeze brings a really nice freshness to the drink. Thanks for the idea!

Thanks so much for the update! Next time I get to some semblance of a real city I’ll try to find some and give it a go.