Fez and Antichamber - two great games

I am in no way connected to the creators of these games. I just want to make a strong recommendation for both of these great games. Both are on Steam and Fez is also available on GoodOldGames if you prefer to go there. Oh, and Fez is also on Mac and Xbox, while Antichamber remains a PC only game.

Both games are puzzle-platformers, though Antichamber emphasizes the puzzles even more. Antichamber is closer to Portal, where you are presented with puzzles to solve in new and innovative ways.


You play a 2D characters who realizes his world is actually 3D. You can rotate his 2D world around and by doing so, manipulate the world and gain access to new areas. Besides being a really great game, there is more. The more you play, the more you realize that there are a ton of secrets and hours and hours of very, very deep mysteries to be solved.

There is a language to be deciphered, a numbering system to learn, and a lot more. By doing all this, a whole new game of sorts opens up and you realize that your first few hours are just an intro. Basically, you can beat the game quickly, but there are many deep puzzles that will require hours and hours to solve.

Fez Trailer

9/10 from me. Tons of fun and a great mood.

What can I say about Antichamber? It’s the best game I’ve played in a long time and is an amazing puzzle game. The less you know about the puzzles in this game, the better off you are. Avoid all internet guides to enjoy this one fully.

I think the best review I’ve read started this way. “Antichamber will blow your mind. Then, after playing it longer, it will blow it again.”

Basically, you are in a labyrinth(sort of) that has very odd properties. You can turn around and the room changes on you. Go down a hallway and you will find that things are not as you remembered. You spend the first hour wandering through these hallways and rooms, then you find a device that…shoots and sucks up cubes. And from there, it gets amazing.

If you hate labyrinths, that’s fine. You can always exit and re-enter any room in the entire map at any time once you discover it. It is no maze.

Antichamber trailer, which actually does an OK job getting the vibe across. Watch the entire trailer, mind you.

10/10 - There is no story to note, but the game is a very powerful set of puzzles I’d put the puzzles past Portal in terms of quality. No great writing or fun story like Portal, but a great mind-bender.
I have beaten both games now and we can also use this thread to discuss the games. What were your favorite parts? What parts bugged you the most?

I should note that I have only beaten Fez with 46 cubes, not all 64. Antichamber, I got to nearly 100%, having found all but a couple rooms.

And finally, avoid all internet spoilers and puzzle solutions. These games are best played as if the internet didn’t exist, which makes them a lot more enjoyable.

Especially Antichamber, in my opinion. :smiley:

You got your Fez in my Antichamber! You got your Antichamber in my Fez!

Been playing FEZ the last 2 days. Finished with 50 cubes. Mind officially blown. Very bizarre 2001-esque ending.

I played and beat Fez (though not with 50 cubes). I got tired of trying to figure things out and looked at walkthroughs online. Good thing I did because I literally never would have figured out how to get many of the cubes. I got 32 and finished the game with the “bad” ending. Overall a nice game but definitely not for the faint of heart.

Despite the hype around FEZ, I enjoyed Antichamber quite a bit more. It’s PC-exclusive, though, if that matters.

We meet again, Fez.