I’m watching ffolkes (aka North Sea Hijack now. Roger Moore as a bearded, woman-hating, counter-terrorism expert; and Anthony Perkins as a terrorist. (Or, as he angrily asserts, not a terrorist.) Perkins and his team hijack a North Sea oil rig, and it’s up to Moore to save the platform. I haven’t seen this film since the '80s, but I remember it as a fun – though not great – film.

Say, David Heddison is still alive. Who knew?

[After James Mason suggests it’s ‘a bit early’ for a drink:] ‘It’s four hours since breakfast. That’s late!’
‘We drink Scotch here the way it should be drunk. Neat!’
‘I like cats. And I don’t like people who don’t.’

It’s amazing how many of lines this movie has, that I still remember and occasionally use.

Although I don’t personally say ‘My men know their way around a man’s anatomy.’ I just think it sounds funny.

You occasionally see it under the title Assault Force, usually when you are channel-surfing late at night . I like it simply because Roger Moore is playing the Anti-Bond.

Pierce Brosnan’s Anti-Bond film is The Taylor of Panama.

I agree with** ffolks** being Anti-Bond, but I have always felt that The Tailor of Panama was more of a Non-Bond.

Just ended.

‘My god, you are a girl! Even so, a lot of people owe you a great deal.’

I did. He even has his own website:


I’ve always remembered it as being a fun film; I think I even have it on VHS somewhere.

Well, when Bond drinks, smokes, and chases women, it’s glamorous.
When the guy in The Tailor of Panama drinks, smokes, and chases women, it’s sleazy.
Same behavior, opposite audience reaction.
That’s why I consider it to be Anti-Bond.

The Tailor of Panama (which of us is wrong with the spelling is not important) was a very enjoyable movie. Brosnan did another anti-Bond called The Matador that was also very enjoyable. Frankly, with those and The Thomas Crowne Affair, his non-Bond work is much better.

This was based on a novel named “Esther, Ruth and Jennifer” (three of the involved ships). Alternative titles for the movie were “North Sea Hijack” and “ffolkes”.

I doubt that “ERJ” would have been an effective title for an action movie.(nor ‘ffolkes’) for that matter.:slight_smile: