FFVII: Advent Children (Spoilers)

I’m sure most of the story will get spoiled in this thread so beware.

I got my copy monday.

First thing I have to say is SQUAAAAAARRRRRRREEEEE!!! Is it only my disc or is everyone set so that you can fast forward and rewind but are unable to return to play? Or you can pause but can’t go back to play. And you can’t go between them. And the only way to get back to regular play mode is chapter skip. Meaning if I want to watch a scene frame by frame I have to go to the chapter just before it and wait on play till it gets to the point I want and then pause. I really hope it’s just a flaw on my disc cause that has to be the most annoying “feature” ever.

As for the movie … well it didn’t seem like too much of a movie. Maybe if I had recently played the game the effort it put into personalization of the characters would have carried over. Boy do they love their action.

Now I know exactly what video game fighting looks like. Maybe if I was 13 I would have been more into it.

I wonder if they’re going to update the game? It seemed like they did a lot of the cut scenes from the game updated. Man I would enjoy the game so much more if the Golden Saucer was actually a fun place to go to. And the skiing part.

1:24, whoa! You know, I was hoping they would have had an ending like in the game, sad. Probably cause the story just annoyed me.

Where’s Cloud riding his bike at the end? He’s on the right side of the road. Some parts kind look like he’s coming off of Mauna Loa heading down Kona side. Other’s look like some long coastal highway.

Anyway not nearly as good as “The Spirits Within.” The Cloud/Sephiroth battle in Kingdom Hearts II was even better.

I had no idea Cait Sith was Scottish.

Is Aerith hooking up with Zack?

Alright I’m rambling. I really hope none of you got messed up discs like me.

Well now. The 2nd disc lists 5 new games FFVII games! Maybe everybody knew this but damn, it’s news to me.

Looks like they’re really tossing “Final” to the curb. I wish VI got this much love. It’s my favorite.

Nevermind. My DVD just booted up funny.

It’s 5 years old.

Well, his name is Scottish Gaelic for “faerie cat” (more or less), so I suppose it’s appropriate. :slight_smile:

The whole movie has the feel of a couple of cut-scenes slapped together with disjoint pieces of plot here and there – it is like a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. I got a feeling that there was supposed to be a full-fledged game to go along with the pretty CGs, but that got canned and so they glued the movies together…somehow.

I can’t stand the characters just appearing suddenly, with no more purpose than to “bring the whole gang back”. What was Cid doing there? Why did Yuffie come back? Tifa, Barret, Vincent, Cloud, and heck, even Aeris – they have some reason to appear. But what about Red? He got no plot issues whatsoever. If they have a scene showing Red coming back for some reasons (maybe he was worried about Cloud, or something), then I feel that would be better.

Oh yeah, the fight scenes. Physics-defying stunts redefined.

BTW, there shall have been more of Vincent.

I heard that Last Order wasn’t included in the English version–like the movie itself it’s mostly eye-candy (albeit cell animation, not 3D), and is basically a rehash of Cloud’s past. But it’s short enough that it doesn’t have to be anything more.

I’ve seen the movie fansubbed–fortunately I know enough of the plot that it’s understandable, but the whole thing is fan-service. There isn’t much reason to see it unless 1) you’re a fan of the game or 2) you really, really like eye-candy. The plot is weak and disjointed. Although I really liked the interaction between Reno and Rude–no reason for it to be there, but the humor helped make the movie actually entertaining to watch. I was thinking about picking up a copy (I’d avoided watching fansubs until recently for that reason), but now I don’t know if it’s worth it. Maybe if Last Order was included it would be.

I saw the Last Order too. Basically, there’s really nothing spectular about it. It’s short (30 min), and is IIRC just an in-game (not FMV) cutscene re-rendered. The cutscene is an ‘optional’ one, which you only get by snooping around. I forgot where you can trigger it, but I sure GameFAQs will have the full gory details.

The crazy thing is they don’t appear to have made it for fans of the game, despite what their opening credit states. There was no sense of adventure and exploration. No acquiring new skills. No strategy to the fights. No real fun. So many things left unshown like the Golden Saucer, Chocobos or that very expensive Villa I bought. Nothing of what made the game fun. What they did have was a series excruciatingly detailed fights which do not really happen in the game. It was like getting a 90 minute FFX movie and finding it has 60 minutes strategic Blitzball action.

The oddest thing is that the movie starts with Red XIII and 498 years later and that bit at the end of the game. Then skips back 496 years earlier. Just because

But it did look beautiful. And there was no pantomime, man did I hate that in FFX.


That movie was about what I was expecting: 90 minutes of fan service. Gorgeous, gorgeous fan service.

Kinda mad that my favorite Turk only got a couple of lines, especially as hot as she looked in the one shot she was actually visible in. Reno and Rude stole the show, though.
I think in cannon Zack was Aerith’s first boyfriend so it makes sense that they would be “close” in the afterlife. I always put Tifa and Cloud together so that pleases me.