Fictional character names you stumble across in real life

Went to college with Lisa Hayes, which you only care about if you watched Robotech as a child (and were desperately waiting for AnimEigo to finish their remastered Macross set)

I knew a John Sheridan in high school. We were all kinda dorky, so we called him Captain. I also have a regular customer named Sarah Cynthia Stout – the first time I met her, I asked her if she had taken the garbage out. Another regular customer of mine is named John Doe. John Tuan Doe, because that’s how they Anglicized his Vietnamese name when he immigrated.

My dad used to do business with a guy named Tom Sawyer. I used to work with a guy whose last name was Batman. Back in college I worked with a guy named Dave Edmonds, who actually played in a local band.

The local paper ran a series of feature articles of this nature in the Sunday paper about a month or two ago – local people with famous names. Some of the ones I recall: Minnie Pearl, David Berkowitz, and (of course) James Bond.

Must… resist… Office Space quote.

My friend’s brother is James Brown. He’s White.

Being from Illinois, for the past several months I’ve heard the name Jack Ryan in a context outside a Tom Clancy novel/movie. First it was as “Republican senate candidate who used to be married to Jeri ‘7 of 9’ Ryan” and then as “Republican senate candidate who dragged Jeri ‘7 of 9’ Ryan to sex clubs against her wishes,” soon after tacking an “ex-” onto the start of the latter descriptor.

When I was at Great Lakes for basic training, the Recruit Chief Petty Officer in Company 007 was named James Bond.

I used to code with a guy named Jay Luo (pronounced as you can imagine). Poor guy, hope he’s holding up well.

Michael Jordan lives across the street from me. He’s black, but no where near as tall as the basketball guy.

The OP says “fictional names”.

I think it’s odd you never see Jon Stewart and Green Lantern at the same time.

Not a fictional character, but a funny story.

I once had a case where the Plaintiff, named JOHN HOLMES, was suing for a back injury.

We acquired video footage of him lifting a heavy ice chest with no pain (refuting his claims).

We all chuckled about the guy on our team that had to carry this video to the settlement conference.

The label read “JOHN HOLMES VIDEO”!

If you read the credits for most Blizzard games, there’s a fellow with the first name “Samwise” (an artist, I think). And I went to college with a girl named Arwen. Of course, both of these were deliberately named after the fictional character, so I’m not sure if they count.

There’s a woman in my company named Laura Croft, after whom the Tomb Raider character is named (although the people at Eidos removed the u from her first name).

This isn’t quite what you’re asking, but I went to see Josie and the Pussycats with my friend Lisa Schneider. Hilarity ensued. (For those of you who didn’t see it, an evil character in the movie is revealed to be a nerd named Lisa Schneider. Yes, I know, lame movie, but this coincidence made up for that.)

Not a fictional character, but I went to high school with an Amy Fisher. We were in high school when the “other” Amy shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco.

Oh, hey - I almost forgot - I used to work with a guy named Jim Browne (he’s white, too) - he’s in sales, so he likes to take advantage of his “famous name” to break the ice when he’s doing cold calls.

I work at a university and once ran across a student named Snow White. Wonder if she had a wicked step-mother?

I’m not going to give away exact details (though people can probably figure it out), but when my wife and I were dating, we rented a famous Hitchcock movie, one in which an important-but-unseen character happened to have the same first and last name as my wife.

During a key scene, my wife’s maiden name appears on a tombstone in a cemetery!

I use to go to school with a Charlie Brown.

My former supervisor at work was Charlie Brown.

My uncle has all his life been Jack Bauer. Struck me as amusing when “24” premiered. I don’t think it has ever come up at family functions.