Fictional character names you stumble across in real life

Miles O’Brien works for CNN.

He’s the space travel reporter.

The Chicago Tribune profiled Cabrini Green residents recently and they had a guy who got out of jail and got a job at a church working for Rev. Robin Hood.

I also recall coming across a James Bond recently, though to be sure I couldn’t tell you where.

About 30 years ago, I met a lawyer named Donald E. Duck. He was an elderly gentleman, he was a teenager when Walt Disney made his name into a massive joke (can you imagine being in your teens and suddenly your name is affixed to a nationally known cartoon character?) He bravely stuck with his name, although he did tend to use his middle initial a lot.

The former Deputy Director for the agency I work for is named Lisa Simpson (She used to tell people – and still does, for all I know – that she does have a sister named Maggie, but no brother named Bart.)

I have also worked with a Dr. Bashir (alas, his first name was not Julian).

I knew a Bart Simpson before the Simpsons became big. Haven’t talked to him since.

There’s a Canadian politician named Pierre Pettigrew (“Pierre” being the French form of “Peter”). I’ve started refering to him as “Wormtail.”

Jim Bond played bass in the Righteous Brothers’ back up band during the '60s.

I went to high school with Jimmy Stewart.

that’s all I can think of at the moment.

We once had a client come into work whose name was Harry Potter. He was an older gentleman and we didn’t see a scar on his forehead.

When I was in college, I spent my summers earning money by doing temp work for an agency that had contracts with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and I distinctly recall reading a World Bank employee magazine that contained a profile of a staff economist named James Bond.

Alright, I’ve got a laundry list of them!

My mentor and cubicle-mate at my last job was Miss Elizabeth Bennett but we called her “Betsy.”

My current job features the almost-cast-and-crew of a really bizarre movie:
Tom Wolfe (writer)
John Wu (director)
Dan DeVito
Kerry Grant

…and also some fictional characters:
Joe Friday
Dr. Frink

And of course, the famous athlete, Steve Young.

A guy who works for my company is named Jonathan Bravo. I wonder how many people can’t resist calling him Johnny.

I used to work with a gentleman named Rhett Butler. That man just didn’t give a damn. :slight_smile: Actually he was a great guy.

Went to school with a David Duke. :eek:

Also have a friend who named his daughter Scout. Not a nickname, her actual name. :eek:

In college I took physics from Doctor Hu.

I run across a John Clark occasionally.

I recall hearing, many years ago, about a radio host who would look through phone books for interesting names and then call them for a chat. He found several people named Norman Bates.

The one he put on the show ran a motel …

Weirdest one ever.

I LOVE the extremely obscure Mexican artist named Astrid Hadad. (Picture a Mexican cross between k.d. lang and Lene Lovich.)

I also met Mary McGarry Morris when she signed her first book at store where I was working. So when her second novel came–Songs in Ordinary Time–I naturally bought it and read it. In it a character named Astrid marries a man who’s last name is Hadad. I don’t think she’s ever referred to as Astrid Hadad, but it still strikes me as a bizarre coincidence.

A friend of mine mentioned being on a flight piloted by “captain John Sheridan”… out of gate B5.

I used to have a landlord named Peter Parker. And sticking to comic books, I know if I had this guy’s name I’d have to try to get a doctorate too…

My husband has a friend and colleague named Bill Paxton, though his friends all call him “Packy”.

When I was at University, one of the senior Student Union officers was a Richard Grayson. He didn’t like people calling him Dick.

Went to college with Richie Cunningham. He insisted on going by “Richie,” yet got really mad whenever anyone asked him “Where’s Potsie?” and the like. Don’tcha think he was asking for it?