I’m a foot-tapping, head bobbing fidgety person, so I wonder–

  • Why do I fidget?
  • Are there any benefits/ consequences of fidgeting?
  • Should I attempt to controll it if its not annoying anyone?

Downside: can be annoying to others (If you whistle or humm a lot of inane tunes too, then thats even more annoying)

Benefit: You burn up a precious few more calories than those that sit still.

Well, it may just be your personality or it may be a condition to see the shrink about.

The benefits of figeting are that:

  1. It burns extra calories
  2. It generally means that you are hyper-alert

The drawbacks are:

  1. Some people may think that you are chronically nervous.
  2. It makes it very hard to truly relax your mind and body and you may develop physical and mental distress because of it.
  3. You may start to get panic attacks.

Some conditions that can cause this are:

  1. ADD
  2. Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  3. Bipolar Disorder Type II

All are easily treated with medication. If it is causing you mental or physical anguish then you should really see a good psychiatrist about it. They won’t just try to talk you down. There are some really good new (and old) medications that can bring you back to a normal level of alertness and calm. I was recently treated for just such a condition and it has made all of the difference in the world to me.