Field hockey just for girls and women--why?

In today’s L.A. times there was an article about a guy at some local high school who is captain of the field hockey
team, but can’t participate in the games because interscholastic rules say that only girls can play. Why is this? Ice hockey seems to be a very big sport for guys in
cold climates, and we also hear of “street hockey”, but
why shouldn’t guys play hockey on grass?

My WAG is that historically field hockey was just left out
as guys focused on the traditional sports like baseball and football.

Men’s Field Hockey is a huge sport in India and other parts of Southeast Asia. I don’t know why it never made the transition - for the same reason that cricket never did, I suspect.

My guess is the same way we have baseball for men and softball for women, culturally speaking: Men have ice hockey and women get field hockey.

Some men in HS and college have successfully forced their way onto previously all-girl teams in the spirit of “equal opportunity,” however, and I heard that some places do offer it for men - or at least unisex without the threat of litigation…

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Here in the UK, it is often, particularly in universities, played with mixed teams. As it happens, I’m playing tonight:). Ask the Chicago dopers if I’m a girl…

Field hockey is fairly common in the South of the UK, esepcially around Hampshire and round most of the garrison towns.

I played hockey when I was in the Royal Navy and there is a hockey festival held on the Ise of Wight each year.

Far from being a womens game it is extremely fast and can be very physical.You don’t have anything like the amount of protection an ice-hockey player has but the sticks are just as hard.Reflexes and instant accelaration are vital.

I used to play at half-back which means taking the free hits, short corners and the like and distributing the ball to the wings.

The worst ones to play are women (particularly police women) as they love to release their pent up anger clobbering men who tend to be more reserved when playing them.
There are trophies for mixed teams too, just don’t let anyone kid you that women cannot hold their team place against a man - they are totally ruthless!

In Texas you can’t prevent a female from participation in a male sport. So long as they don’t have their own equivalent sport to play. I never saw a female football player but I heard about the odd school or two that had one for a kicker. It seems to me that this kid might have a case for discrimination.