Fifty Bucks????

My wife has an appointment in downtown San Francisco this morning. It’s at the Marriott, maybe? One of the major chain hotels.

She called and asked about parking.

I was listening to only her end of the conversation…

“Yes, I have an appointment at the hotel tomorrow. I was wondering about parking.”

“Oh, I assumed that the hotel didn’t have private parking.”

“A few hours.”

“Well, is there anything around, private lots, less than $50?”

This is the point at which I shit my drawers.

She eventually found a garage for $20 / three hours, pretty close to her appointment place.


Hotel parking in San Francisco is exhorbitant. Whenever I need to park in that area I use the huge city-owned parking lot at Fifth and Mission (it’s actually called the “Fifth and Mission Garage”). It’s right across the street from the Marriott, actually. That is $32 for overnight parking. Sounds expensive, but it’s actually quite reasonable compared to the hotels, which all charge about $50 or $60.

You could always pick up a streetwalker and offer her $25 to sit in your car for ya. :wink:

This is why I love it here. Brilliant! :stuck_out_tongue:

Those of us who live here know some of the secret places where cars can be parked for free. We are used to walking six or eight or ten blocks or take public transportation.

So, why not save the hassle, and take the Muni downtown?

Yeah, driving and parking in downtown an Francisco during the day is a big fat pain in the ass. Muni or BART is the way to go.

That’s what I do most of the time, but once in a while it’s actually cheaper to drive and park. For example, recently my sister’s family was visiting us. For the five of us to go by BART round trip to S.F. would have cost over $50. Gas plus parking was less than that.

I’ve been to San Francisco. Absolutely loved it. Couldn’t live there. Not unless I had a f’n helicopter or autogyro.

Until she decides to ply her other trade and you come back to sticky back seats.

Isn’t pretty much everything in San Francisco exorbitant? I’d have to take out a second mortgage just to buy a sandwich there.

Probably compared to the mid-west (I imagine). But being California born-and-raised, I suppose I have grown accustomed to it and have learned where to get great $10 meals that are fairly spectacular.

I did get free parking at one of the hotels once with a little white lie. I pulled in and the valet asked if I was checking in, and I answered “I’m not sure, I’d like to take a look at the hotel first.” He took the keys and parked the car no problem.

How is that a “little white lie”? That term means a harmless lie told for [what is perceived to be] someone else’s benefit. Yours was a big, fat, black, self-centred, conscious falsehood, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

I’ve got news for you… (.pdf)

EDIT: Slightly cheaper. (.pdf)


I’ll admit it’s high but Marriott is a for-profit company and thus can charge what they want…while it may seem high to you, others are paying it otherwise the hotel would have adjusted their pricing by now (disclaimer - I work for Marriott :D)

Jokes one her, I have no back seats.

Come to think of it, I have no front seats either.

Yeah, I have no car.

She has to drive to work out of town immediately afterward. She generally does take Muni when she has to go downtown.

She actually found a garage directly across from her appointment for $14.00. Quite good, IMO.


Gosh, well, I was meeting a friend nearby, and because of the handy free parking I wasn’t late. And this particular friend just hates it when I’m late. So I was just trying to keep my friend happy, yeah, yeah that’s it.

My big fat lying black heart feels so cleansed.