Fight Club and the Oxygen Incident...

i have no medical training.

i don’t have access to an oxygen tank to try it out myself.

in the movie version of fight club, there’s a scene where tyler (brad pitt) is talking about airliners using oxygen to create a sense of euphoria in the passengers as the plane is going down. is this true?

If knowing you’re still alive is “euphoria” then the answer is yes.

I always thought that pure oxygen was bad for you and would make you lightheaded and dizzy since our body expects the normal mix in the everyday air that we breathe. I think the air is only like 20% oxygen or something like that. I know the majority of what we breathe is nitrogen. (In the 70% range).

If I’m wrong, someone please let me know.

But if that’s true, then it was probably based on that. Movies tend to take the truth and stretch it somewhat. Example: that new movie with Ahnold. You can’t clone someone’s memories and personalities, only their physical appearance.

Um, for the record c_goat, you can’t clone anything on a person right now…

I was afraid of this turning into a cloning debate. What I meant was that the idea of cloning is to take the same genetic code right? That genetic code does not include memories or personality. That’s all I was saying. EOD.

If look closely there is a little plastic bag connected to the nosepiece of emergency respiration masks that expands to collect exhaled CO2 so that there is a better oxagen mix.

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It’s not the purity of the oxygen thats important, so much as its partial pressure. We’ve evolved to breathe oxygen at a partial pressure of around 0.2 bar. This means that we can breathe air at 1 bar, since air is 20% oxygen. Or we could breathe pure oxygen at 0.2 bar for the same effect. Astronauts breathe pure oxygen at reduced pressure - it makes it less work to move about in the spacesuits.

Breathing oxygen at higher partial pressures than 0.2 bar is not recommended. Nevertheless, special forces guys like navy SEALS do it occasionally - a pure oxygen scuba rig with rebreather creates no bubbles at all. Trouble is, people have toxic reactions to high partial pressures of oxygen - they can’t dive much deeper than 20 ft safely, and sometimes you can have toxic reactions breathing 1 bar of oxygen - i.e. before you even get into the water. The reaction isn’t euphoria - it’s spasms and other uncomfortable symptoms.

When the oxygen masks drop down in a plane, it’s because you’re losing cabin pressure. If they simply supplied you with air it wouldn’t help you - you can’t breathe air at 1 bar if the pressure around you is [sup]1[/sup]/[sub]5[/sub] a bar, the air mask would be blowing you up like a balloon! So you are supplied with pure oxygen (from a chemical generator) in an “open” mask - the oxygen is at the same pressure as the cabin air. This may give you more than the 0.2 bar of oxygen you are used to breathing, more likely it would actually give you less.

So the short answer is - that oxygen is there to keep you alive and concious, not euphoric!

So the short answer is - that oxygen is there to keep you alive and concious, not euphoric.

So there you go.

What I found more amusing, was the dumpster diving at the liposuction clinic, and then using the home rendering, to make soap, that was then sold back to, the original providers.

Just don’t ask Cecil how they make Jello.

did anyone read the book by chuck palahniuk?

in chapter nine tyler is talking about how human sacrifice and soap are basically related. without going into too much detail, tyler says that ancient cultures making human sacrifices being made on a hill by a river and the bodies were burned on a pyre.

 "Rain," Tyler says, "fell on the burnt pyre year after year, and year after year, people were burned, and the rain seeped through the wood ashes to become a solution of lye, and the lye combined with the melted fat of the sacrifices, and a thick white discharge of soap crept out from the base of the altar and crept downhill toward the river."

[slight part cut out]

 Where the soap fell into the river, Tyler says, after a thousand years of killing people and rain, the ancient people found their clothes got cleaner if they washed at that spot.

he then goes on to say that soap is the yardstick of civilization, because cultures without soap washed thier clothes in urine and thier dogs urine.

how much of the human sacrifice/lye/soap thing is true? is soap REALLY the yardstick of civilization?

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Giant Foaming Pipe Snake?

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Also: “The first rule of Fight Club is: You do NOT talk about Fight Club.”

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