Fight Club (spoilers)

Thanks! I always liked the ending of the movie, but I will say that what you’ve described sounds pretty darn cool.

Sorry. My bad. You are correct. I wrote earlier without actually picking up my copy of the novel.

In the book, the buildings do not come down because Tyler has mixed paraffin with the explosives.

Also, he sort of thinks the mental hospital is heaven, in a vague, doped up way, and likes it there because he can finally sleep.

But Project Mayhem still goes on. :smiley:

Why do they put Tyler in a mental institution NOW? I mean, he’s been insane the entire book. He’s insane because he’s trying to stop the madness, I suppose?

Well, yeah it’s a happy ending: the crazy “bad boy” is killed and the good guy gets the girl.

It’s also <bleaaaaaahk>.

Ever see a **Saw **movie?

The original sounds to me like a standard boring horror-movie ending. You know, the kind where they think they killed the bad guy, but the last-minute twist reveals that he’s still alive… it seems as though half the movies Hollywood puts out these days end like that.

Unhappy schlock is just as derivative as happy schlock; there’s nothing inherently superior about an unhappy ending. Myself, I like a little uplift. It takes guts to put a note of optimism at the end of such a bleak story.

Anyway, the happy reconciliation isn’t with Marla, it’s with himself.

In the book, it’s actually left vague if “Tyler” lived or not. The very last line of the book is a Project Mayhem coming up to him and saying, “We look forward to getting you back.” Which could mean “We look forward to getting you out of the hospital” or it could mean “We look forward to the Tyler Durden personalty coming back.”

I thought the ending of the book actually went even further with the unreliable narrator premise and was meant to indicate that it’s unclear how much of the story was real and how much was dreamt up by the insane narrator. Much less satisfying when taken that way. IE the orderlies telling him that everything is going to plan weren’t actually people working on project mayhem, but he was imagining it.

Everything you need to know about the relationship between ‘the Narrator’ and Tyler.