Fight to the death: Eight Legged Freaks vs. Jurassic Park Velociraptors

Roughly equal numbers of the big ol` spiders and the raptors, going at each other in a suitable arena.

I can`t decide. Any calls?

Umm…I’m going to place my money on the raptors. The ELF got their asses kicked by a bunch of morons who thought a mall was a well defensible position!

Well that depends on which ELF’s you’re bringing to the table. All giant tarantulas? Jumping spiders? Orb weavers? Funnel webs? Details man! We need details! :slight_smile: I’d still go with the ELF’s. Hard exoskeleton, and with that venom, one bite and the raptor’s done for. However, the raptor can rip off a spider leg or three and the spider is still pretty damn functional.

An assortment of ELF, but only one or two tarantulas.

Well, I would tend to chose the big spiders myself, if only because I have just watched ELF on Cinemax tonight and they`re still fresh in my mind. They seem pretty formidable in that flick.

Each Raptor has a mouthful of fangs, clawed hands and a big killing talon on the hind foot that could rip a spider open like it has a zipper. The Freaks only have two big fangs, but they`re mostly poisonous.

The Raptors are definitely more intelligent and cunning, and would use strategy to lure the Freaks into ambushes and so forth. The spiders seem more limited in brainpower.

Remembering the Leapin Lizards from that JURASSIC PARK II scene in the tall grass and the jumping spiders chasing the dirt bikes, Id have to say…hmm, let them hop all over each other, I`m slowly backing away from the carnage.

I got twenty on the dinosaurs. I only saw ELF once, and I was obviously drunk because I rented a movie called “Eight Legged Freaks”, but the lack of brainpower is going to tell. Poison’s useful, but the raptors would figure it out and their use of co-operative strategy would make up for it.

Of course, the people in ELF were much, much stupider than the people in Jurassic Park, so I may be judging the spiders too harshly.