Fighter of ignorance 2000

Lets here your vote for the poster who has fought off the most ignorance.

Esprix (and associates) with his (their) two threads devoted to expunging myths and clearing up confusion regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered etc matters.

Well, I suppose it’s got to be one of the GD/GQ posters. Although I sometimes post there, and occasionally even answer a question besides spilling naughty oneliners, the real Knights in the Fight Against Ignorance are:

  • Tomndebb
  • pldennison
  • DavidB
  • manhattan
  • Monty

I’m sure there are lot more to be added to this list, but these were the first ones that came to mind. Let’s hear it for the smart guys! OK, so the DON’T get the babes and the money. They do it for intellectual purposes. Which is very commendable, in a way :slight_smile:

Special Lifetime Achievement awards to Ckdexthavn, zev, cmkeller, izzyr (anyone I leave out?) for their thorough and illuminating discussions of the Talmud, hala’cah (sp?), and OT.