Fighting for the belt

OK my son is Fighting in Phukett, Thailand on Friday 13th.

It is a classic stand up vs ground fight. My son is primarily a kickboxer and is fighting a Swede that is primarily a grappler. Son is 63 K, vs 71 K, so he is giving up a bit of weight, I of course I still think he will win, but win lose or draw I will post the video as soon as I get it.

As a retired MMA fighter from before the days of UFC, give your son my best wishes.

If he’s going against a grappler, he needs to be prepared for the shoot, and stay on his feet. If it goes to the mat, he’s toast. Good luck to him.

Yep, he has spent the last several weeks working on defending the shoot, he’s as ready as he can get. Hoping for the best.

Awesome. Amatuer or pro?

This is Pro, something he has been trying to break into for awhile now. Not a way to get rich yet though.

That’s a fairly substantial weight difference. Good luck to him.

Admit it, though - I am not the only one stifling smutty giggles at the name of the venue.


Maybe not, but as the old saying goes, it beats getting hit for free. :smiley: Is it his pro debut?

Video to follow as soon as I get it, but my son lost in the 3rd round. Big grappler beats small kickboxer, BUT, I am told it is very entertaining. Better luck next time.
He had agreed to a 10 lb weight difference but it turned out to be closer to 25 lbs, he fought anyway and said he did his best, what more could I ask for?

Way cool! Looking forward to the vids.

How do you feel about his - ahem - career choice as his parent?

You said in the OP it was 8 kilos, which works out to 17.6 pounds. That’s a pretty big difference. He must have fought a good fight to last as long as he did. Did he finally get pinned or submit to a tough hold?

Tell him next time he should get 8 kgs over the other fighter so that things are even, on average. Look forward to seeing the video.

Also, an update on his stay in Thailand would be nice. Hope he’s having a great time.

I think anyone choosing to do this is slightly off his rocker, obviously he can’t do it forever and his long range goal is to train fighters.

I would have been a little happier having an accountant, but you get what you get when you allow freedom of choice.

Yeah, communicating long distance is a challenge, I report what he tells me.

An update? Intresting, I just got off an emergency call with him. He was attacked outside his hotel last night by two guys he thought were friends. He is very confused but it could be anger over betting for him to win.

He is fine, one of the guys was hurt when my son kicked him between the uprights and then stuck his thumb in the guys eye. Both attackers were students at Tiger Muay Thai camp and both have been sent packing and apparently banned for life. One was put on a plane and sent away, I hope to talk more to him tonight.
Other than that, he loves Thailand and is talking about staying all of next year. Tiger has offered him a position on their pro kickboxing team and enough students to make a living with the equivalent of a green card.

Although his grappling has proven inadequate right now, everyone is impressed with his punching and kicking skills. He is making lots of international friends and I really hope no more of them attack him. His ring savvy may need work but his self defense methods are top of the charts.

Apparently a few narcotics and lots of alcohol were involved in their making a bad decision.

Once I post the video (soon I hope) I would like opinions of his fighting, I am certain to be biased.

MMA is a tough sport for strikers. It’s a lot easier to hook somebody than it is to knock them out, and the KO is pretty much the only way a striker can win.

Well, you never know. There’s a 2003 documentary entitled Farang Ba, which basically translates to “Crazy White Boy.” It’s about a 45-year-old American corporate attorney – graduate of Yale and Harvard – who becomes a kickboxer in Thailand after surviving cancer. And a good one too, even though he must wear an iliostomy bag. Defeats opponents half his age. I’ve not seen it but have heard good things about it.

As promised, The Fight

Looks like a pretty crappy “Stadium” to me, but I guess you have to start somewhere, My son is in Red. To me his opponent doesn’t look as tall as I was told, Josh is 5’3", 145. He actually put on 10 lbs for this fight, I think that was a mistake as he appeared to be gassing out early.
Comments appreciated.